Donate to Nisar Bano for Her Ureteroscopy

Donate to Nisar Bano for Her Ureteroscopy

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Nisar Bano's Story

“I have had a really tough life. I lost my parents. I lost my husband. I have no children. My only remaining living relative is my sister and while she is supportive, I sometimes feel so ashamed that I have to burden her and her husband with my needs. I feel all alone in the world and sometimes wonder why I am even alive. Who needs me?” – Nisar Bano

Nisar Bano, 58 years old, started presenting with pain in her right lumbar region 5 years ago. The reason turned out to be a kidney stone, which was removed through radiation. A year after this procedure, the pain returned even more severely than before. When she went for a check-up, she was diagnosed with a right obstructive ureteric stone. Doctors have advised her to get a right ureteroscopy as well as a removal of the ureteric stone, followed by DJ stenting and it is for these medical procedures that Nisar has approached Transparent Hands.

In Nisar’s case, it is especially important to seek treatment for her condition as early as possible. Her renal function is already compromised because she has only had one functional kidney by birth. Any interference in the function of the remaining kidney can prove fatal for her. However, treatment requires funds and she has no assets and no one to depend on. She got married 20 years ago but unfortunately, her husband passed away a few years later. She has no children and since her husband’s passing, has lived with her sister and her family. Nisar’s basic sustenance is supported by her brother-in-law, who just earns around 20,000 PKR/month for a household of 5 members.

Nisar had no one in the world to turn to so she came to Transparent Hands.

Please donate to her to enable us to support her medical costs fully.

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