Donate to Pathani Mai for Her Urology Surgery

Donate to Pathani Mai for Her Urology Surgery

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Pathani Mai's Story

Pathani Mai, age 58 years, has been presenting with pain in both lumbar regions. Her left pyelolithotomy was done 1.5 years ago to remove stones from her kidney. For the past one year, however, she again started developing pain in her left as well as right lumbar areas. She has been diagnosed with a left renal stone and a right ureteric stone. In the last 4 months, her symptoms have gotten worse, rendering her unable to do any work.  Doctors have advised her to get a right ureteroscopy and removal of the ureteric stone. To remove the renal stone, she has been advised left percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL).

Pathani Mai is the mother of three sons and three daughters. Her elder son is married and living separately. Her husband used to cultivate a small piece of land but is now unable to do any work due to old age and health problems.  The sources of income for this family are Pathani Mai’s two younger sons, who are both labourers and collectively earn 800 PKR a day with an average of 22,000 PKR per month. They support the needs of their large family on this income alone. Funding three back-to-back procedures for their mother is proving impossible for them.

“We work from day to night, without complaining, to support our parents and family. When we were growing up, they did the same for us. My father earned for us all day and my mother spent sleepless nights looking after us. But when you are poor, it is never enough. Just like right now, no matter how many hours we put in, we would never be able to earn enough to get our mother treated at a good facility.” Pathani Mai’s son

They may be helpless on their own but Pathani Mai’s children hope that you can grant them the power to help their mother.

To lend them a hand, please donate to them.

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Pathani Mai's Story

Pathani Mai, 57 years old, was suffering from pain in both lumbar regions. She was diagnosed to have stones in her right ureter and left kidney and was advised surgery. Her right uretrorenoscopy (URS), lithoclasty, and DJ stenting along with left percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) were done for stone clearance. Her surgeries were done by Dr. Asif Hameed, on 10-05-20, in Abid Hospital, Mian Channu. She stayed for 3 days in the hospital and was discharged pain-free and in good health.


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