Donate to Rabia Waseem for Her Orthopedic Surgery

Donate to Rabia Waseem for Her Orthopedic Surgery

Rabia Waseem
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Rabia Waseem's Story

“I haven’t been able to walk at all for the past three months, no matter how many healers I visit. I am always in pain but I didn’t realize how bad the state of my leg is until a doctor told me that the only way for me to walk again is with reconstruction surgery.” – Rabia Waseem

Rabia Waseem, age 36, had an accident 7 months ago in which she slipped and fell to the floor. The fall led to a fracture of her femur. She was provided with first aid and emergency treatment but was then sent home without proper advice on how to fix the fracture. Rabia sought help from local healers in her village but her bone did not get fixed and the injury worsened over time; she is now suffering from a malunited femur fracture. She also has severe osteoarthritis in the hip and knee joints. When she sought medical advice again, she was informed that she would require reconstructive surgery of her femur as well as a bone graft.

The recommended operation is proving too costly for Rabia and her family. Her husband works at a service station and earns a modest income of 16,000 PKR/month. He is responsible for the expenses of his wife and 2 children and also has to partly contribute towards the shared expenses of the rest of the 9 members in his joint family household. Since he does not have any resources to spare, he has put in a request to Transparent Hands to help with Rabia’s surgery.

We want Rabia to be able to walk again as early as possible but to proceed with her operation, she is in need of donations. If you would like to support her, please click Donate Now.

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Rabia Waseem's Story

Rabia Waseem, 36 years old, slipped on the ground seven months ago and fractured the right neck of her femur. She got treatment from local hospitals which resulted in the malunion of her fracture. She had difficulty in walking and was advised a re-construction surgery. Her surgery was done on 05-09-2020 by Dr. Javed Mohsin Khan at Maryam Memorial Hospital. Her open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) with bone grafting was done. She remained admitted in the hospital for two days and was later discharged in a stable condition. Present-day, Rabia Waseem can now walk properly, just like everyone around her.


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