Donate to Shabana Bibi for Her Tonsillectomy

Donate to Shabana Bibi for Her Tonsillectomy

Shabana Bibi
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Shabana Bibi's Story

Shabana Bibi, 25 years old, has been suffering from tonsillitis for the last 8 years, which now has become a chronic illness. Growing up, Shabana Bibi survived on eating the minimum due to the pain she experienced in her throat as well as the fact that she belonged to a very poor household and couldn’t afford to have a meal every day.

Initially, she treated her condition with medicines and her husband took her to different hospitals, but her condition did not improve. Every time the doctor would suggest that she should get a tonsillectomy. Over time, her tonsils keep swelling and are causing uncomfortable symptoms like chronic fatigue and repeated sore throats.

“If I try to walk just to the kitchen, I get breathless. It’s hard to sleep, eat and breathe at this point. I have been living with this pain for the past 8 years. I don’t think I can take it anymore. But when I see my children’s angel eyes, I try to tolerate the pain, but I don’t think I can manage this act any longer.”- Shabana Bibi

After multiple consultations with doctors, the only solution to Shabana Bibi’s condition is for her to get surgery-but her husband is not financially stable enough to pay her medical bills. He works daily and relies on everyday wages. He manages to earn 8000 PKR a month which is not sufficient enough to feed his family of 5 and pay rent. With this income alone, he has to support his three small children, along with his wife and mother. In addition to this they live in a rented 3 marla house.

Shabana Bibi’s prayers were answered when her neighbour told the couple about Transparent Hands. They did not waste any time and visited the Transparent Hands team at Ahmed Medical Complex immediately.

Shabana Bibi needs your donations in order to be free from this pain. Please consider donating to her so her surgery can be conducted at the earliest.

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Shabana Bibi's Story

Shabana Bibi, 25 years old, suffered from recurrent episodes of fever and sore throat. On medical consultation, she was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis. She was recommended surgical removal of her inflamed tonsils by the surgeon. For this purpose, Shabana was admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and her tonsillectomy was performed by Dr. Syed Mudassir Shah on 28.11.2020. She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Her throat ache has subsided since her inflamed tonsils were removed surgically.

“I can swallow food without discomfort since I have had the surgery. Also, now my sleep is uninterrupted since I can breathe properly. This is such a luxury because I need to work in the morning.”- Shabana Bibi told us


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