Donate to Zubair Ramzan for His Cataract Surgery

Donate to Zubair Ramzan for His Cataract Surgery

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Zubair Ramzan's Story

Zubair Ramzan, age 18, has been diagnosed with a cataract in his left eye, which has caused the lens of the eye to get clouded. He was involved in an unfortunate accident four years ago, which resulted in damage to his left eye. Over time, this damage resulted in the formation of cataract leading to a dimness of vision. To restore vision, cataract surgery is required in which the left lens will be replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

When Zubair found out the cost of his eye surgery, he lost hope because it wasn’t within his reach. Earning only a laborer’s salary of 14,000 PKR/month, it is already tough for him to feed his parents and siblings, all of whom are dependent on him. Zubair’s father has recently undergone multiple surgeries due to health complications and is not well enough to work. The main breadwinner in the family is Zubair, followed by his younger brother who earns around 500 PKR/day on days that he finds work. His other two siblings are too young to work and attend school.

With an insufficient income and so many dependents, Zubair wasn’t too optimistic about getting a chance to have his surgery. Fortunately, he did find out about Transparent Hands and thought to ask for help immediately. 

“I count my blessings because the damage could have been much worse and I could have lost my eye. But thank God that the damage is reversible and modern medicine can sort it out. Having found assistance and guidance from this organization, I am really hopeful for this operation. After years, I might finally be able to see things clearly.” – Zubair Ramzan

To keep Zubair’s hope alight, please send in your donations today. Every little bit is an immense help.

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Zubair Ramzan's Story

Zubair Ramzan, 18 years old, was suffering from painless loss of vision and was diagnosed with a cataract in his left eye. He was advised phacoemulsification with IOL for his left eye. His surgery was performed by Dr Hassan Raza, at Bakhtawar Amin Hospital, on 23-07-20. He was discharged in a stable condition after one day of hospital stay.

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