Donate Yasmeen for her Hernioplasty

Donate Yasmeen for her Hernioplasty

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Yasmeen Intazar's Story

This poor mother is looking for your kind support and she is hopeful that you’ll help her in getting the required surgical treatment! 

Yasmeen is a 40 years old poor mother who lives in a rural area of Narang Mandi with her husband and two kids. Yasmeen’s health has always been unwell due to which she had to undergo c-section for 5 times. Her three kids died a few years after their birth due to sickness. Luckily, only her one son and a daughter survived. Yasmeen is unable to cope up with the loss of her three kids but she is grateful that her 2 children are with her. All her time is dedicated to her kids so that they can grow healthy and not face any health issue like their late siblings. But these days, Yasmeen is unable to focus much on her family due to her deteriorating health.

A few months ago, Yasmeen experienced severe abdominal pain. She went to a local hospital where doctor gave her medicines. They though that Yasmeen has minor stomach ulcer which will heal with time but it didn’t. Yasmeen’s pain was growing with each passing day and she was also experiencing vomiting. They went to another hospital but doctors couldn’t diagnose her disease. She finally came to Lahore with her husband to get treatment from a good hospital where she was diagnosed with epigastric hernia. Doctor told that Yasmeen needs to undergo surgery otherwise her hernia can further grow larger.

She doesn’t have enough money to undergo surgery. Her husband works as a daily wager earning only 12,000 rupees a month. It’s very hard for them to even manage three-times meal for their family. Somebody in Lahore told them about Transparent Hands and they immediately came here. Now, Yasmeen is scheduled for her hernioplasty in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. She needs your support in funding for her surgery.

Donate and bring her back to her healthier life!

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