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Donate Zahir Abbas for his Urethroplasty

Donate Zahir Abbas for his Urethroplasty

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Zahir Abbas's Story

Zahir Abbas is 7 years old boy studying in class one. Zahir lives in a small town with his parents and younger brother. His father works as a Bus Driver Assistant and earns only 12,000 rupees per month. Zahir loves to play with his brother and friends in his free time. However, due to his disease, he is not able to study and play actively like before.

Zahir Abbas is a born patient of Hypospadias disease – congenital defect in which urine flows through an abnormal opening on genitalia. His poor parents took him to various hospitals who only gave him medicines for temporary relief. Doctor advised him to undergo surgery as this is the only way to get rid of his disease. They visited a few local hospitals for free surgery, but nobody paid attention to them. Due to meager resources, Zahir’s parents are unable to operate him in private hospital.  

Zahir’s health is deteriorating with the passage of time. He experiences abnormal flow of urine while due to which he is unable to perform his daily activities. Luckily, family approached Transparent Hands for surgical treatment. Zahir is now scheduled for Urethroplasty procedure in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. After the surgery, Zahir will be able to live his life actively like other kids.

His surgery will not be possible without your kind support. We request you to please donate for his surgery so that he can get rid of his pain forever. 

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