Fiaz Arshad awaits Leg Prosthesis

Fiaz Arshad awaits Leg Prosthesis

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Fiaz Arshad's Story

Your support will make a huge difference in Fiaz’s life. Only you can get his life back on track. Therefore, we would urge you to donate generously as Fiaz Arshad awaits Leg Prosthesis.

Fiaz Arshad, a 42-year-old resident of Sheikhupura, has been battling diabetes for a long time. Arshad developed a foot wound which later got infected and became Gangrenous. Over time, the infection spread to his leg. He endured this pain for three months until the doctor advised him to get his right leg amputated above knee level. Arshad’s life has taken a sad turn ever since. Due to the lack of financial resources and his inability to work because of this health condition, his family has been struggling. He shared his sorrow with Transparent Hands in the following words:

“I had been providing for my family but ever since this tragedy struck me, it has limited my life in so many ways. Now, due to this disability, I am unable to take care of even the most basic of tasks. I request you to please help me so that I can stop being a burden on them and start earning again soon.”

Fiaz Arshad lives in his elder sister’s house with his wife and their four kids. He is unable to earn a living because of his health condition. They completely depend on financial assistance from relatives and friends. This prosthesis is crucial for Arshad’s well-being and for his family’s survival.

Fiaz reached out to Transparent Hands and requested us to get him an artificial leg. Now that he has been registered with Transparent Hands, we are determined to make his life better. We urge you to donate without any delay as Fiaz Arshad awaits Leg Prosthesis. This prosthesis will unlock a healthy future for Fiaz and make a big difference in the lives of his children.

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