Hassan awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery

Hassan awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery

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Muhammad Hassan's Story

Hassan awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery. Before you go on to read the painful details of Muhammad Hassan’s story, please know that your small contribution made to Hassan’s surgery will open up a whole new world of opportunities for him. Therefore, we would urge you to kindly donate as much as you can. Every single penny donated is much appreciated.

Muhammad Hassan, aged three, a resident of Charsadda, is not able to live his early childhood to the fullest like other children. He suffers from Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Hassan would often fall sick due to recurrent high fever and later he developed an ear infection. His parents noticed that he was not responding to sounds. He was taken to a nearby hospital, and after undergoing a number of hearing tests advised by an ENT specialist, he was diagnosed with Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Once  the diagnosis was done, Muhammad Hassan’s parents were advised to get him a Cochlear Implant.  This Cochlear implant will help her recognize the hearing sensations and that will stimulate or activate the inner ear nerves.

Muhammad Hassan’s father is a laborer and that he is the only earner in the family. They have a family of seven. They rely on his pension for their basic needs. With minimal income, and no financial support , the hefty cost of this procedure is beyond their affordability. Hassan’s father shared his distress with Transparent Hands in the following manner:

“ Every parent wishes to do things beyond their affordability for their children but this is something I knew I would never be able to do on my own. Thanks to Transparent Hands for registering my son’s case.They are my only hope.”

Hassan’s father found out about Transparent Hands through a former employer. He contacted us. Transparent Hands verified and registered Hassan’ case.

Now, that Muhammad Hassan has been registered with Transaprent Hands, we are determined to help him and bring a whole new sense of sound in his life. But, this is not going to be possible without your donations. As Hassan awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery, contribute as much as possible for him to learn fast and not miss out on his childhood. Therefore, we request you to please donate generously.

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Muhammad Hassan's Story

Three-year-old Muhammad Hassan, a resident of Charsadda, was born with the inability to hear. His parents only noticed it when he turned a year old. He was taken to an ENT specialist where he was diagnosed with congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Initially, Hassan’s parents were advised to get him a hearing aid device, but they could not afford it. His hearing ability did not develop and upon further consultation, he was advised to get a Cochlear Implant. They came to Transparent Hands to ask for help. We sent Hassan to Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, to get his free cochlear implant surgery done by Dr. Jawad Ahmed on 12-01-2022. He was discharged the following day in a stable condition. The external component of his cochlear implant was installed after six weeks. Muhammad Hassan has been introduced to a whole new sense of hearing because of your help.

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