Help Anaya to unlock the world of sounds

Help Anaya to unlock the world of sounds

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Anaya Zahid Zahid Mehmood's Story

Anaya had just turned three years old, and her beautiful laughter brightened the lives of everyone around her. However, there was one thing that made her unique from other children her age: she was born with a hearing loss. Your kind donation can be the key to unlocking a world of sounds and joy for Anaya, giving her the opportunity to embrace life to its fullest.

Anaya’s parents noticed her condition when she was just one year old. Concerned for their precious daughter’s future, they wasted no time and took her to the nearest hospital. After a series of diagnostic tests, their fears were confirmed: Anaya had profound hearing loss. The doctor understood the urgency of Anaya’s situation. They evaluated her condition and recommended a cochlear implant, a revolutionary device that could potentially restore her hearing. The implant would be a ray of hope for Anaya, enabling her to experience the sounds of the world around her and communicate effortlessly.

The news was devastating for her family. Anaya’s father worked hard to make ends meet, but he knew that the expenses for the necessary surgery would be beyond his means. He said in despair:

“I am a father filled with hope and desperation, seeking help for my beloved Anaya. Her silent world breaks my heart, and I appeal to your kindness to bring the gift of hearing into her life. Your support can make a profound difference in our journey towards a brighter future.”

Anaya’s parents, filled with desperation, reached out to Transparent Hands, seeking a lifeline for their daughter’s hearing. Now, we stand determined to raise the funds needed to make her dreams come true. We urge kind hearts to donate, for every contribution has the power to transform Anaya’s world. Together, we can give her the chance to experience the beauty of sound, to laugh, to speak, and to thrive. Let compassion guide your generosity and change lives today.

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Anaya Zahid Zahid Mehmood's Story

Experience the inspiring voyage of three-year-old Anaya Zahid from Depalpur, as she transcends silence and discovers the symphony of sound. Since birth, Anaya has navigated a world without the essence of auditory sensation due to congenital hearing loss. Yet, through the benevolence of supporters and medical expertise, her journey unfolds from silence to the promise of hearing.

Anaya Zahid's world was draped in silence from her earliest moments, a life shaped by the presence of congenital hearing loss. In pursuit of a remedy, her family turned to the prospect of cochlear implant surgery. EverCare Hospital provided Anaya the gateway to this transformative surgery on 05 September 2023, performed meticulously by Dr. Imran Saeed. The installation of an internal implant marked a pivotal moment in Anaya Zahid's path toward hearing restoration. Subsequently, after six weeks, the external implant was installed, initiating the next phase of her journey toward sound.

Anaya Zahid's courageous expedition towards sound stands as a testament to resilience and medical innovation. The successful installations of both internal and external implants, made possible by the generosity of supporters and Dr. Imran Saeed's expertise, signifies a breakthrough for Anaya. Continuation of speech therapy sessions ensures her continued progress, guiding her toward a world enriched with communication, learning, and the joy of newfound auditory experiences.

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