Help Gul Muhammad Walk Again

Help Gul Muhammad Walk Again

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Gul Muhammad's Story

Before you dive into Gul Muhammad’s tale of woes, please know that you can help him. Your donation, however, small it may be will help Gul Muhammad walk again. Donate now!

Seventy-four years old Gul Muhammad has been experiencing pain in his knees and difficulty in walking for the last year. At first, he ignored it, deeming it an attribute of old age. But, gradually, the pain increased. Now, Gul Muhammad is bedridden for a few weeks. Upon consultation, the doctor diagnosed him with Osteoarthritis of his knees. Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes the cartilage in the knee joint to thin out. Consequently, the surfaces of the joint become roughened, thus creating friction. As a result, the movement becomes painful, and the joint becomes stiff. Due to this condition, Gul Muhammad is not able to get up or walk. Moreover, the pain has become unbearable for him. 

To treat this, the orthopaedic surgeon has advised Gul Muhammad to undergo a bilateral total knee replacement surgery. It is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and disability.

Unfortunately, Gul Muhammad is not able to afford the hefty cost of the surgery. Due to his withering age and deteriorating health, he has been out of work for many years and financially relies on his son. His son works at a primary school and hardly earns enough to keep his household running. He told us:

“During these stressful times, we are already struggling to make ends meet. The inflation and added expense of my father’s medicines have left us in no position to arrange for his surgery. Therefore, we have requested Transparent Hands for help.” 

Finally, after a lot of distress, Gul Muhammad has requested Transparent Hands for help. We have assured him that we would get him happy and healthy in no time. Therefore, we request you to please donate for his knee replacement surgery and help Gul Muhammad walk again. 

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