Help Meerab to unlock the World of Sounds

Help Meerab to unlock the World of Sounds

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Meerab Fatima 's Story

Meerab was born deaf and has never been able to hear. The tragedy is that she cannot respond to her name or recognize her parents’ voices, despite her beautiful name. However, her parents are unable to pay for the cochlear implant surgery she needs to regain her hearing. We request that you donate for Meerab’s cochlear implant surgery and help us introduce her to the world of sounds. It is only possible with your financial gift.

Four-year-old Meerab Fatima, a resident of Multan, has been suffering from hearing impairment since birth. When she was a year old, her parents noticed that she did not respond to their voices. Her parents took her to the local hospital, where her tests were done. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss. The doctor advised her to undergo cochlear implant surgery. A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that sends electrical signals to stimulate the cochlear nerve (nerve for hearing). The implant has internal and external components. The external part picks up sounds with a microphone. Then, it processes the sound and transmits it to the internal part of the implant.

She lives with her parents and three siblings. Her father has a private job and earns PKR 35,000 per month. He is struggling to make ends meet. It is not possible for him to pay for the surgery with his limited income. He said it in a depressed tone. 

When the doctor told us that she has hearing loss, our entire world turned upside down. I’m concerned about what life will be like for my daughter without the surgery. Please help us and donate today. 

A friend of her parents told them about Transparent Hands, and they registered the case with Transparent Hands. We want to help Meerab hear her parent’s voices soon. But, we need your kind contributions to make a family’s dream come true. We urge you to donate for Meerab’s cochlear implant surgery to improve the quality of her life

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Meerab Fatima 's Story

Four-year-old Meerab was born deaf and unable to hear, and she faced the heartbreaking reality of being unable to respond to her name or recognize her parents' voices. The doctor recommended cochlear implant surgery as a potential solution, but her family was unable to afford the costly procedure. In their desperate search for help, they turned to Transparent Hands, where the power of collective compassion became their lifeline.

Meerab was admitted to Ali Medical Complex in Islamabad, where Dr. Jawad skillfully performed the cochlear implant surgery on 10-05-2023. With precision and expertise, the doctor successfully implanted the internal component, marking a significant milestone in Meerab's journey toward hearing restoration. After just one day in the hospital, she was discharged, and her spirits were lifted with hope.

However, the road to full hearing restoration was not yet complete. After a few weeks, the external component of the cochlear implant was meticulously fixed, opening a gateway to a world filled with sound. Meerab's life moved into a whole new dimension as she discovered the beauty and complexities of speech for the first time.

She has been referred to dedicated speech therapists who will help her in the process of developing language and communication skills with the help of speech therapy sessions. With the cochlear implant acting as a bridge to the world of sound, she embraced limitless possibilities for education, social interaction, and a fulfilling life.

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The impact of this life-changing surgery was immeasurable, particularly because her family couldn't afford the cost. It was the collective generosity of donors like you, supporting Transparent Hands, that made this transformative experience possible. By contributing, you played a vital role in bringing the gift of hearing into her life, creating a ripple effect that will resonate throughout her future.

Meerab's newfound ability to hear has unlocked a world of opportunities. With each passing day, she grows stronger, more confident, and ready to face the world with the joyous symphony of sound accompanying her every step.

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