Help Sharjeel Hear Again

Help Sharjeel Hear Again

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Sharjeel Safdar's Story

Sharjeel is a young and bright teenager who is struggling with progressive hearing loss. He feels like he’s drifting away from his goals. He used to love spending time with his friends and participating in class discussions, but now he is constantly struggling to keep up. It’s frustrating for him to miss out on important conversations. He is extremely concerned about his future. His struggles make him feel alone and helpless. In addition to the physical effects of his condition, the emotional effects are also weighing him down. We request that you help Sharjeel hear again with your kind donations. 

Sharjeel, an 18-year-old resident of Gujrat, had a sad incident where he fell off the stairs, eight years ago. He was taken to the emergency room for first aid treatment. He recovered from his head injury. Gradually, he noticed that he had developed a hearing problem. His parents took him to an ENT specialist, who recommended using hearing aids. He used hearing aids for five to six years, but now they are ineffective. Recently, he went back to the doctor, who advised him to undergo cochlear implant surgery.  A cochlear implant improves the condition of hearing loss by bypassing damaged parts of the inner ear and directly stimulating the auditory nerve. It can provide a greater range of sound than traditional hearing aids, improve speech recognition in noisy environments, and reduce the perception of tinnitus.

He lives with his parents and two siblings. His mother is the only breadwinner of the family and earns just PKR 48,000 per month as a school teacher. She hardly runs the household expenses. Therefore, she can’t afford to pay for his cochlear implant surgery.  Sharjeel said in a anxious tone:

“ My dreams are slowly slipping away due to my progressive hearing loss. I desperately need a cochlear implant, but my family cannot afford it. Please help me improve my quality of life and achieve my dreams by donating towards my surgery.”

After a lot of mental and physical anxiety, Sharjeel’s parents have requested Transparent Hands’ help. We have promised them that we will arrange his surgery as soon as possible. Therefore, we urge you to please donate and help Sharjeel hear again. 


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Disclaimer: Transparent Hands makes sure that all the patients get surgery in time. If a patient requires urgent surgery and his/her condition is serious, Transparent Hands conducts the surgery immediately. In the meantime, his/her campaign stays active on the website until we raise the complete funding. The hospitals on our panel have complete trust in us and wait for the payments until the patient's funding is completed.


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