Irum’s Below Knee Prosthesis

Irum’s Below Knee Prosthesis

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Irum Ehsan's Story

Irum’s injury didn’t only affect her leg but also left a traumatic mark on her mind that hasn’t healed. You can help by donating for Irum’s Below Knee Prosthesis. 

Irum Ehsan, a 28-year old resident of Lahore, has been enduring the pain of an unimaginable loss. Irum is a known diabetic and she suffered an injury. Her wound turned into ischemic gangrene. When nothing seemed to work, the doctors advised a below the knee level amputation to stop the infection from spreading. The doctors carried out a right below the knee level amputation. 

Irum’s brother works with a private company and has a meager salary of PKR 25,000. Irum’s father passed away a few months ago and her brother is the only earner in the family. With a family of five to support and a meager income, they can either provide food for the family or get Irum a prosthetic leg. A friend of Irum’s brother suggested that he should visit Transparent Hands for Irum’s prosthesis.

“I am just in my twenties. My life seems to have ended as soon as it began. My dreams have turned into nightmares. First, I had to live with diabetes and now this amputation is casting another shadow on my miserable life. I have been depressed ever since. Transparent Hands is like a ray of hope for me but I need your help.” Irum Ehsan.

Irum awaits your donations to acquire the prosthetic leg in order to improve the quality of her life. Now that she has been connected with Transparent Hands, we are  determined to help Irum. We urge you to help Irum generously and make her life better. This will not be possible without your donations. Please contribute as much as you can without any delay for Irum’s below knee prosthesis.

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Irum Ehsan's Story

Irum Ehsan, a 28-year-old resident of Lahore, was a known diabetic and suffered from blockage of the vascular supply of her right leg. Due to the blockage, her leg became gangrenous. Upon consultation, her right leg was amputated below the knee level to prevent the infection from spreading. Irum came to Transparent Hands to obtain a prosthesis. Therefore, she was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Center on 14-03-2022 to get her prosthetic leg from Dr. Khalid Niazi. Irum is learning to walk with her new leg.

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