Let’s Feed Needy Families On Eid-al-Adha With Online Qurbani Donations

Let’s Feed Needy Families On Eid-al-Adha With Online Qurbani Donations

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Eid-al-Adha is a time for Muslims worldwide to share joy with the underprivileged through the sacred act of Qurbani. Many families in Pakistan cannot afford to celebrate Eid-al-Adha like the rest of us due to financial hardships. For these families, Eid might be the only occasion they can enjoy nutritious meat. Transparent Hands’ easy-to-use online crowdfunding platform allows Muslims to give Qurbani (Fi Sabilillah) with ease from anywhere in the world, ensuring that the meat reaches the poor and needy. By making your Qurbani donations online through Transparent Hands, you can make this Eid more memorable for many underprivileged families.

This Eid-al-Adha, Transparent Hands aims to feed thousands of families in Pakistan with online Qurbani donations of 30+ goats/sheep and 5+ cows. 

Why Online Qurbani Donations are Crucial

In many developing countries like Pakistan, the underprivileged rarely have access to nutritious meals during most of the year. During Eid-al-Adha, Qurbani meat distribution becomes an important source of nourishment. Our Qurbani donations not only feed many families but also bring them joy during the celebrations. By donating your Qurbani online, you help improve food security and nutrition in Pakistan and spread smiles on Eid-al-Adha. 

How Transparent Hands Makes a Difference with Your Qurbani Donation

100% Distribution of Qurbani Meat: Transparent Hands ensures that every portion and bit of meat from your online Qurbani donation is given to the most deserving families in Pakistan. This means your contribution will make a significant difference and reach those who truly need it.

Global Accessibility and Affordability: Transparent Hands allows you to give Qurbani online, no matter where you are in the world. In addition, we provide lower prices for online Qurbani donations compared to many other organizations and platforms. 

Islamic Rules and Hygiene Standards: All Qurbani procedures adhere to Islamic guidelines. The animals are carefully selected to ensure they are healthy and meet age requirements. The slaughtering process is carried out humanely and according to Islamic rules. The meat is handled with the highest standards of hygiene, ensuring it is fresh and safe for consumption.

Various Qurbani Options: For your online Qurbani donation, you can opt for goats/sheep, cows, or shares in cows, based on your preferences and budget.

Transparent Hands’ Online Qurbani Donation Prices

You can give a Qurbani donation of a goat or sheep for $110. For a cow, the Qurbani donation costs $469, and each cow is divided into seven equal shares, priced at $67 per share.

  • Cost for 29 Goats/Sheep: $3,190
  • Cost for 6 Cows: $2,814
  • Cost for 41 Cows Shares: $2,747

Make an impact with your Qurbani this Eid-al-Adha. Transparent Hands has made online Qurbani donations convenient and accessible for Muslims around the world. Join us in feeding thousands of deserving families in Pakistan by donating your Qurbani online.

Updates & Timeline

  • Your Qurbani Donations Brought Nourishment and Joy to Many Communities on Eid

    24 Jun 2024

    Qurbani YT video

    This Eid-al-Adha, Transparent Hands was able to make a significant impact with your online Qurbani donations. Numerous individuals and families received fresh and nutritious meat, allowing them to celebrate Eid with joy. Transparent Hands’ team made sure every Qurbani was performed with care and according to Islamic rules. While distributing the Qurbani meat, we focused on those who are often overlooked and neglected. Here’s how we uplifted many lives and communities with this year’s online Qurbani donations. 

    How We Performed Qurbani With Care

    Transparent Hands’ team ensured that all Qurbani procedures adhered to Islamic rules. We carefully selected healthy animals that met age requirements. The slaughtering process was carried out humanely. We ensured that the meat was handled with the highest standards of hygiene.

    Ensuring the Distribution of Fresh and Hygienic Meat

    After packing all Qurbani meat hygienically, our team used a special van equipped with a chiller to transport and distribute it. This chiller maintained the freshness of the meat from the place where the Qurbani was performed to the distribution points.

    Your Qurbani meat was distributed among the following community members: 

    • Members of the deaf community at the Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation in Sabzazar, Lahore.
    • Transgender communities in various locations of Lahore, including Heera Mandi, Chungi, Faisal Town, Lahore.
    • Elderly residents at Old Age Happy Homes in Township, Lahore.
    • Madrasa Students at Dar Ul Muslim in Dhana Singh Wala, Lahore.
    • Deserving families in the slums of Kahna Kacha and the area behind Expo Center, Lahore.

    Transparent Hands is grateful to all the donors for helping us achieve all this. We also appreciate the collaboration with Saylani Welfare International Trust to perform Qurbani. Let’s continue to support and uplift each other, making every day meaningful.

 Abbas Chad

Donated: $ 1,517

 Dell Technologies

Donated: $ 600


Donated: $ 469

 Rubina Hussain

Donated: $ 459.18

 Ali Hassan Syed

Donated: $ 330

 Aalia Riaz

Donated: $ 268

 Hafiz Muhammad Ayub

Donated: $ 220

 Qasim Mueen

Donated: $ 217

 Muhammad Sakhar Arshed

Donated: $ 215.88

 TC Energy Corporation

Donated: $ 177


Donated: $ 135

 Dorinda Seemangal

Donated: $ 131.57

 Shaheena Naz syed

Donated: $ 130.84


Donated: $ 130.84

 farah khan

Donated: $ 130.68

 Ercan Kaynakca

Donated: $ 130.68

 Quashar Jamal

Donated: $ 129.15

 Ahsan ali

Donated: $ 125

 Abdul Basit Mohammad

Donated: $ 120.56

 Patrick Correa

Donated: $ 110

 Zamir Abid

Donated: $ 110


Donated: $ 110

 Ajmal Ali

Donated: $ 110

 Shakirah Muhammad

Donated: $ 110

 Ahsan Zia

Donated: $ 110

 shozab khan

Donated: $ 110

 Raied Gaber

Donated: $ 107.32


Donated: $ 107.22

 Lubna Shafi

Donated: $ 107.22

 Adil Aquil

Donated: $ 107.22

 Karima Qandar

Donated: $ 107.22

 Aishath Nizama

Donated: $ 106.06

 Mutahir Hasan Khan

Donated: $ 106.06

 Bülent Aldemir

Donated: $ 106.06

 Daniel Ahmed

Donated: $ 106.02

 Naila bibi

Donated: $ 68.70

 Mohamed Elbardisy

Donated: $ 67.61

 Hind Abdul Wahid

Donated: $ 67

 Maliha Makhdoom

Donated: $ 67

 Faraz Hamayoun

Donated: $ 67


Donated: $ 67

 Arshad Shafi

Donated: $ 67

 Sarah Kerr

Donated: $ 67

 Shaymaa M

Donated: $ 66.70

 Talha Ahmad

Donated: $ 66.70

 Raheel Anwer

Donated: $ 66.55

 Wajeeha Farooqui

Donated: $ 66.20

 Bibi Persaud

Donated: $ 65.19


Donated: $ 65.19

 mahrukh ghilzey

Donated: $ 65.18

 Muhammad Nadeem

Donated: $ 65.18

 Ali Umair Chaudhry

Donated: $ 64.57

 Sidika vacip

Donated: $ 64.48

 Khem Akshay OREE

Donated: $ 64.48

 Masood Adil

Donated: $ 63.55

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