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Lets help Yaseen

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Muhammad Yaseen's Story

Life is beautiful, Do You Agree?? What about a daily wager? Or what about a labor? Do you know how tough life is for them? Come and meet Muhammad Yaseen, for whom life has become a painful nightmare. He is a father of 4 lovely kids, who are studying in school. Yaseen used to drop them at school by himself on daily basis, with a hope of their bright future. He does not want a hectic life like him for his kids. Everything was going fine. Days & nights were tough for Yaseen, but there was a sparkling hope in his eyes that soon his kids would be supporting him financially. At night he used to fall asleep with dreams of Good days. Sooner life snatched away each dream & hope from his eyes. One day, he was caught by an extreme pain in his kidney. He was admitted to hospital, where doctors recommended a surgery for the removal of stones. How could he go for it with the earning of 10,000 -12, 000 per month? He did not think about himself, he just thought that how his kids would eat, when there was no food for them? How would they go to school, when he is not able to pay their fees? However he gave a try by going to the government hospitals but all went in vain. Look at the misery, that he was given a date in 2016 for the operation. Now what? Shall he keep on bearing the unbearable pain and die with it? OR, Shall his kids stop studying and become a labor like their father? No .. This family deserves to live a happy & healthy life and they must. Transparent Hands has promised Yaseen, that they would bring them back to normal life. Come step forward, stand with us, Donate for Yaseen and be a helping hand to heal his pain. Do not let their hopes die within their eyes!


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