Mohsin Khan awaits Knee Surgery

Mohsin Khan awaits Knee Surgery

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Mohsin Khan 's Story

Mohsin Khan awaits Knee Surgery. One year ago, Mohsin Khan, aged 20 years, a resident of Shangla, suffered from a road accident. He was rushed to the hospital where he was provided first aid treatment and was later discharged in a stable condition. After a few days of rest he resumed his normal day to day activities. It was at this point in time that he began to suffer from pain in his left knee. He took some medications but nothing seemed to have made the pain get better.  He then consulted the doctor again. The doctor advised him to have an MRI. The reports of the MRI revealed that he was suffering from damaged ligaments of left knee. Upon medical evaluation, he was advised to undergo ACL and MMI surgery for repair. Unfortunately due to financial constraints Mohsin and his family can not afford this surgery. Mohsin shares his story as follows:

“After the accident the pain in my left knee became intense. I realised that my ability to run daily errands and routine matters had significantly diminished too. I was limited in my capacity. At night I would churn in pain.  Now the surgery seems to be the last resort to my well-being. I have a family that includes twelve members. My eldest brother is the only breadwinner of the family. He earns around PKR.38,000 per month. In these circumstances and financial constraints, it is impossible for us to afford my surgery. Now that we are connected with Transparent Hands, I see a ray of hope.”

Mohsin Khan, awaits your donations to undergo ACL and MMI in order to mend his damaged left knee. Mohsin Khan awaits Knee Surgery, now that he has been connected with Transparent Hands, donate generously to assist Mohsin Khan in living a pain free life.

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Mohsin Khan 's Story

Twenty years old Mohsin Khan, a resident of Shangla, KPK met with a road accident a year ago. He was rushed to hospital by locals. Mohsin was given first aid treatment and sent back home to rest but Mohsin felt severe pain in his left knee. Upon consultation, Mohsin Khan was diagnosed with a left knee ACL and medial meniscus injury. The doctor advised surgery to repair it. Therefore, Mohsin was sent to Northwest General Hospital and Research Center. His surgery was performed by Dr. Khushnood Ali Baz on 29-09-2021.His left ACL reconstruction and Medial Meniscectomy was performed. After progressing well, he was discharged the following day in a satisfactory condition. Mohsin’s pain has now been relieved.

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