Muhammad Kashif’s Hand injury

Muhammad Kashif’s Hand injury

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Muhammad Kashif's Story

Muhammad Kashif’s Hand injury. Before you go on to read the tragic story of Muhammad Kashif, know that your help, no matter how small, will help Kashif get his life back on track. Therefore, we urge you to please donate for Muhammad Kashif’s plastic surgery.

Twenty six years old, Muhammad Kashif a resident of Hyderabad, had been enduring severe pain in his hand from the last two months. Two months ago, a tragic accident took place while Kashif was slaughtering a cow. He accidently cut his left hand deeply. Kashif went to hospital where his wound was cleaned and stitched. Kashif took symptomatic treatment for pain relief but it didn’t work for him. Over time, Kashif started having difficulties moving his hand, fingers and thumb. Upon consultation, the doctor  found that the small muscles of his hand are cut. They then advised him to undergo a surgery for exploration and repair of the damaged muscles. Due to the limited movement of his hand, Kashif unfortunately lost his job as well. Kashif is an orphan and lives on his own. He doesn’t have any financial support or means to afford this surgery. He shared his ordeal with us in the following manner:

“I do not have anyone in this world to help me get this surgery done. I have been on my own for as long as I can remember. If I don’t get my job back, how will I meet my basic needs?”

Muhammad Kashif heard about Transparent Hands from a neighbor. We were contacted and we are willing to help him with Muhammad Kashif’s Hand injury.

We are determined to help Muhammad Kashif as much as we can, but we need your support. Your contribution can cure Muhammad Kashif’s Hand injury and get his life back on track. Therefore, we request you to please donate generously and bring happiness back into Kashif’s life.

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Muhammad Kashif's Story

Muhammad Kashif, a 26-year-old resident of Hyderabad, accidently cut his left-hand tendons while slaughtering a cow. He was given first aid and stitches but his hand was not working properly. For the exploration and repair of his hand tendons, he was sent to Darul Sehat Hospital on 13-11-2021 to get his procedure done by Dr. Basalat Hussain Rizvi. He was discharged after three days of hospital stay in satisfactory condition. Kashif’s hand was repaired. Now he has regained his hand movements and is getting back into the routine of his profession again.

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