Safia awaits Total Knee Replacement

Safia awaits Total Knee Replacement

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Safia Bibi's Story

Safia awaits Total Knee Replacement. Before you proceed to read the details of Safia’s ailment, please know that your help will enable Safia Bibi to walk again. Your donation, however small it may be, will change Safia’s life for good. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Safia Bibi’s Total Knee Replacement surgery as much as you can.

Safia Bibi, a sixty three years old, living in Lahore, has been suffering from joint pain for the last four years. She consulted a local doctor and was prescribed symptomatic treatment but with time, the pain worsened and became unbearable. Upon checkup, Safia was diagnosed with Advanced Bilateral Osteoarthritis because of which she was in severe pain, and her the joints became stiff. Due to this condition, she is not able to get up or walk. Moreover, the pain has become unbearable for her. To treat this condition the orthopedic surgeon has advised Safia Bibi to undergo a Total Knee Replacement surgery for both knees one after another.

Safia’s husband is a Security Guard and barely earns a living. He cannot afford this costly procedure. Safia’s brother-in-law found out about Transparent Hands through a neighbour and they contacted us. Safia Bibi had her right Knee Replacement through Transparent Hands. Now she has come to us for her Left Total Knee Replacement. After talking to one of the team members of Transparent Hands, Safia Bibi shared her distress with us in the following words:

“This pain has limited my life and now I have difficulty even walking or getting up. I just want to walk normally again. It has affected my life in so many ways that I have now become depressed.”

We cannot imagine the unbearable pain Safia is enduring but we can surely empathize. Transparent Hands is determined to help Safia walk again and that is only possible with your help and support. As Safia awaits Total Knee Replacement, we request you to donate for her surgery.

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Safia Bibi's Story

Safia Bibi, a sixty-year-old resident of Lahore, had been enduring knee pain for the last four years. Upon diagnosis, she was diagnosed with Bilateral Osteoarthritis. The doctor advised her to undergo Total Knee Replacement, one after the other. Her knee replacement for her right knee was previously done with the assistance of Transparent Hands back in August 2021. Now she has come for her second surgery for her left knee. Hence, she was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital for her knee replacement. Her surgery was performed by Dr. Naveed on 15-12-2021. Safia was discharged after six days of hospital stay. Safia Bibi is now cured.

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