Save Babli and her baby

Save Babli and her baby

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Babli Imtiaz Ali's Story

A pregnancy with complications makes it even harder for the mother to fully cherish the experience of childbirth. Risks that include harm to the precious unborn baby. Babli has been going through a difficult pregnancy and has been praying for a miracle that could save her and her baby. That miracle could be you. Please know that your contribution, no matter how little, can not only save her from the risks and complications but also bring her unborn child safely into this world. Therefore, we request you to please donate for her cause and save Babli and her baby.

Babli, aged 36, a resident of Jamshoro, Sindh, is a mother of one. She is now expecting for the second time. Upon her routine checkup, the doctor suspected an abnormality and to be sure she wrote a few tests for Babli to go through. The reports indicated that Babli has Polyhydramnios. The excessive deposit of amniotic fluid — the fluid that surrounds the fetus in the uterus during pregnancy — is known as Polyhydramnios. To avoid any further complications, the doctor advised her for an elective lower Cesarean section, considering Babli and her baby’s health the doctor doesn’t want to risk their lives. Babli shared her worries in the following manner:

“Being a mother, I could not bear the thought of losing my child due to any complications. Now that my case is registered with Transparent hands I am a bit relieved.”

Babli relies on her father’s income that merely enough for the basic necessities. Her father is a security guard at ISRA university Hospital and the doctor there referred Babli’s case to Transparent Hands. We have registered her case.

Fortunately, now that Babli has been connected with Transparent Hands, we are more than willing to help her bring her child safely into this world. But, this is not going to be possible without your support. Hence, we urge you to please donate for Babli’s Cesarean Section and save Babli and her baby.

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Babli Imtiaz Ali's Story

Babli, a 36-year-old resident of Jamshoro, was expecting her second child. Her previous pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. This time, her pregnancy went smoothly until she reached her seventh month when she started experiencing pains. Upon consultation and an Ultrasound Scan, the doctor told her that she would have to opt for an Elective Cesarean Section due to the previous pregnancy. Babli and her husband could not afford the cost of this procedure. Babli’s doctor referred her to Transparent Hands. Babli was sent to ISRA University Hospital where her baby was delivered by Prof. Dr. Pushpa Sirichand on 25-02-2022. She delivered her baby safely into this world and she was discharged after three days of hospital stay. Both the mother and baby are safe and sound. Babli can’t wait to see her baby grow.

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