Save Fouzia and her baby

Save Fouzia and her baby

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Fouzia George's Story

Pregnancy with complications makes it hard for the mother to cherish the experience of childbirth fully. Fouzia has been going through a difficult pregnancy. Please know that your donation, no matter how little or big, can not only save her from risks and complications but also bring her child safely into this world. Therefore, we request you to donate generously and save Fouzia and her baby.

Fouzia George, a 34-year-old resident of Karachi, Sindh, is a mother of one. She is now expecting for the second time. Upon her routine checkup, the doctor suspected an abnormality, and to be sure she wrote a few tests for Fouzia to go through. The reports indicated that Fouzia has Polyhydramnios. The excessive deposit of amniotic fluid — the fluid that surrounds the fetus in the uterus during pregnancy — is known as Polyhydramnios. The doctor advised an elective lower Cesarean section to avoid any further complications. Considering Fouzia and her baby’s health, the doctor doesn’t want to risk their lives. Fouzia shared her worries in the following manner:

“I wish no woman has to go through what I have experienced over the last few months. My life and my baby’s survival depends on this C-Section. However, we can’t afford to pay for it due to financial constraints. Now that my case is registered with Transparent Hands, I am hopeful.”

Fouzia’s husband works at a hospital as a staff nurse. His income is barely enough to make ends meet. With this meager income and huge responsibilities, he is unable to afford the cost of her wife’s procedure. We have registered her case.

Now that Fouzia has been connected with Transparent Hands, we are determined to help. But, this is not going to be possible without your support. Hence, we urge you to donate without any delay and save Fouzia and her baby.

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Fouzia George's Story

Fauzia George, a 34-year-old resident of Karachi, was expecting her second child. She visited the doctor at a local clinic in her seventh month of pregnancy and the doctor told her that she might face some complications during her C-Section due to polyhydramnios. After running some tests, the doctor prescribed medicines. She was also advised to visit the hospital after completing the medicine course next month. Fauzia’s family could not afford to pay for a Cesarean Section, so they contacted Transparent Hands for help. She was admitted to United Hospital and her operation was performed by Dr.Shabnam on 9-06-2022. She delivered a healthy baby girl and was discharged from the hospital after three days of stay. Fauzia is extremely happy to welcome her baby girl.

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