Support Naveed’s Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

Support Naveed’s Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

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Naveed Ali's Story

Naveed Ali is a hardworking 39-year-old resident of Karachi who has been suffering from bleeding rectal piles for the past two years. Despite seeking medical help at a local hospital, the relief he experienced was only temporary. Recently, Naveed visited another hospital where he was diagnosed with hemorrhoids, and the doctors recommended a hemorrhoidectomy surgery to alleviate his condition. However, as a laborer earning a monthly income of 23,000 rupees and living in a rented house with his three children, he finds himself unable to afford the cost of the necessary surgery.

Naveed’s life has become a constant struggle as he battles the pain and discomfort caused by his condition The condition has not only affected his physical health but has also taken a toll on his emotional well-being. Simple tasks that were once effortless now pose significant challenges, hindering his ability to provide for his family and enjoy quality time with his children.

Naveed said it in despair:

“I never thought that a medical condition would affect my life and my ability to support my family to such an extent. The pain and bleeding from my haemorrhoids have made it difficult for me to work, and the temporary relief I have received from medications is not enough. I am reaching out to you with a humble request to help me undergo the necessary surgery. Your support will mean the world to me and my family, giving us hope for a brighter and healthier future.”

Let us join hands to give Naveed Ali a chance at a pain-free life. Your donation will not only provide him with the medical treatment he desperately needs but will also offer him a renewed sense of hope and the ability to provide for his children. Support Naveed’s hemorrhoidectomy surgery, together we can make a difference and bring smiles back to Naveed’s face. Donate today and help transform his life for the better.

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