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Support Sana Christo’s hernioplasty

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Sana Christo's Story

Sana Christo, a 40-year-old resident of Lahore, has been experiencing pain and discomfort due to an enlarged lump in her abdominal area for the past several years. Concerned about her health, she sought medical assistance from a general surgeon at a local hospital. After a comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic tests, she was diagnosed with a paraumbilical hernia and advised to undergo mesh hernioplasty along with an abdominal lipectomy.

A paraumbilical hernia occurs when the intestine or other abdominal contents protrude through a weakened area near the belly button. In Sana’s case, the hernia has caused visible swelling and pressure, making her daily activities challenging and affecting her quality of life. To address the hernia and improve her overall well-being, the doctors recommended mesh hernioplasty, a surgical technique that utilizes a synthetic mesh to reinforce and repair the hernia. Additionally, an abdominal lipectomy, a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen, was suggested to optimize the aesthetic outcome.

Sana, who resides in a rented house with her husband and three children, is facing financial hardships and is unable to afford the necessary surgical expenses. She shares her concerns, saying,

“The pain and discomfort from the hernia have made it increasingly difficult for me to carry out my daily responsibilities and provide for my family. Despite my efforts to manage the condition, it has worsened over time, and I need financial assistance to undergo the recommended hernioplasty and abdominal lipectomy surgeries.”

Transparent Hands has registered Sana’s case. We are committed to ensuring she receives the best possible medical treatment. Sana is relying on the support of generous individuals like you to regain her health and alleviate her suffering. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in her life. Please consider donating towards Sana Christo’s hernioplasty and abdominal lipectomy to help her achieve a healthier future.

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Sana Christo's Story

Sana Christo, a 40-year-old resident of Lahore, had been grappling with persistent discomfort caused by an enlarged lump in her abdominal area diagnosed as a paraumbilical hernia. This condition had significantly impacted her quality of life, making even simple daily tasks a challenge. The visible swelling and discomfort had grown over the years, compelling Sana to seek medical assistance for her health.

Understanding the severity of her condition, Sana's doctor recommended a mesh hernioplasty along with an abdominal lipectomy to address the hernia and enhance her overall well-being. However, financial constraints made these essential surgeries unattainable for Sana, creating a barrier to her path to recovery.

With hope and determination, Sana reached out for support, sharing her plight and the challenges she faced in managing her health. Transparent Hands stepped forward to assist her, advocating for her cause and rallying support from compassionate individuals willing to make a difference.

Sana was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where her surgery was successfully performed under the skilled hands of Dr. Ahmed Fawad on 26-10-2023.  The mesh hernioplasty successfully addressed the paraumbilical hernia, while the abdominal lipectomy aimed at optimizing both the functional and aesthetic aspects of her abdomen.

Following the surgery, Sana spent two days in the hospital recovering under the attentive care of the medical staff. With each passing day, her recovery progressed remarkably, and her resilience shone through as she embraced the healing process.

Sana is experiencing a newfound sense of relief. The persistent discomfort and challenges that once hindered her daily life have significantly diminished. She is grateful for the kindness of those who supported her journey to recovery, acknowledging the pivotal role they played in transforming her life. The generosity of donors and the expertise of medical professionals have not only relieved her physical discomfort but also restored her hope for a healthier and brighter future.

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