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Support Zohran’s Hemmorrhoidectomy

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Zohran Bibi's Story

For the past year, Zohran’s condition has cast a dark shadow over her daily life, leaving her in excruciating pain and constant discomfort. Simple tasks such as sitting, walking, or even carrying out household chores have become agonizing challenges. The emotional toll is equally overwhelming, as the fear and uncertainty of not being able to afford the necessary surgery. With limited financial resources and living in a rented house, Zohran finds herself at a crossroads, desperately seeking assistance. It is in these moments of despair that we are called upon to extend a helping hand, to alleviate her suffering and restore hope. By generously donating to Zohran’s cause, we can ensure that she receives the medical treatment she urgently requires, empowering her to reclaim her life and regain her dignity.

Zohran, a resilient 58-year-old woman from Karachi, has been enduring the debilitating effects of rectal bleeding for the past year. Desperate for relief, she sought medical assistance at the local hospital, where the compassionate doctor examined her condition and diagnosed her with hemorrhoids that required immediate treatment through a hemorrhoidectomy surgery. It is a surgical procedure in which swollen blood vessels (hemorrhoids) in the rectum or anus are surgically removed.

Zohran is trapped in a cycle of limited resources and inaccessible healthcare. She said in despair:

“I am a housewife and I don’t have much money. The cost of the Hemorrhoidectomy surgery is too high for me to afford. Your support and generosity can give me hope and help me get better.”

Zohran reached out to Transparent Hands, we registered her case and understood how urgent her situation is. Now, we are determined to raise funds for her surgery. Your generosity can make a big impact and help her get the medical care she needs. Let’s join hands and give Zohran relief, hope, and a better future for her and her family.

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Zohran Bibi's Story

Zohran, a resilient 58-year-old woman who is a resident of Karachi, had endured the debilitating effects of rectal bleeding for an entire year. Her life had been overshadowed by constant pain and discomfort, but she remains hopeful to have a healthy life again. In a desperate quest for relief, she sought medical assistance at the local hospital, hoping to find solace in the hands of compassionate healthcare professionals.

Upon arrival, Zohran's condition was carefully examined by a kind-hearted doctor who swiftly diagnosed her with hemorrhoids. Understanding the urgency of her situation, the doctor recommended an immediate hemorrhoidectomy surgery—a procedure aimed at surgically removing the swollen blood vessels in her rectum or anus.

However, Zohran found herself trapped in a cycle of limited resources and inaccessible healthcare. The weight of her circumstances seemed overwhelming, and hope seemed to fade away. It was during these moments of despair that the call for help echoed through the hearts of those who could make a difference.

Zohran's plea for assistance reached the ears of Transparent Hands, and with a deep understanding of her urgent situation, we swiftly registered her case and pledged our support. Recognizing the importance of restoring hope and alleviating her suffering, she was admitted to Murshid Hospital, Karachi where she was greeted with professionalism and care. The skilled hands of Dr. Attaullah performed her operation on 24-10-2023. Zohran's surgery was a success, and she emerged from the operation with a renewed sense of hope.

After a short stay of one day at the hospital, Zohran was discharged, free from the burden that had plagued her for so long. Gratitude filled her heart as she reflected on the donors who generously contributed to her surgery. Their kindness not only transformed her life but also reminded her that compassion and empathy can bridge the gaps that divide us. 

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