Zahid’s Below Knee Prosthesis

Zahid’s Below Knee Prosthesis

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Zahid Hassan’s life has become full of difficulties since his leg was amputated. He goes through a lot of physical and mental agony every day. He wants to overcome this disability with the help of an artificial leg. However, he cannot afford it and needs the support of a generous donor like you. We request you to donate now for Zahid’s below Knee Prosthesis and help him regain mobility.

Zahid Hassan, a 60-year-old resident of Lahore, has been battling diabetes for a long time. His foot was injured and got infected. It also became Gangrenous. Over time, the infection spread to his right leg. He endured this pain for a year until the doctor advised him to get his right leg amputated below knee level.

Zahid used to work at a Railway Station, but he is retired now. He gets a pension of PKR 40,000 a month. Zahid, his wife, and their two sons manage their household expenses in this meager income.  He cannot afford to pay for his prosthesis due to financial constraints. He finds it difficult to carry out even the most basic tasks. Zahid came to Transparent Hands and requested us to provide him with a right below-knee Prosthesis. Zahid  shared his distress with Transparent Hands in the following manner:

“My life has taken a tragic turn since the amputation. I haven’t been able to support my wife and children. I still feel helpless without my leg. I don’t want to be a burden on them anymore. Please help me get back on my feet. My family needs me.”

Now that Zahid Hassan’s case has been registered with Transparent Hands, we are determined to help him. Therefore, we urge you to donate for Zahid’s Below Knee Prosthesis so that he can walk independently again.

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 Soorty Foundation

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 Madihullah Riaz

Donated: $ 60

 Hope Rehabilitation Center

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Donated: $ 13

Zahid Hassan, a 60-year-old resident of Lahore, was a diabetes patient. He developed a wound on his right leg eight months ago and the wound became infected. He was taken to the hospital, and upon consultation, the doctor diagnosed him with diabetic foot-causing gangrene and advised him to undergo right below-knee amputation. After his right leg was amputated, Zahid came to us for the leg prosthesis placement. He was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Center where he got his right below-knee prosthesis placement done by Dr. Khalid Niazi on 15-04-2022. Your support and donations helped Zahid walk again. He can continue his daily chores now.