Transparent Hands provides free medical surgeries, treatments & organizes medical camps across Pakistan.
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CEO Transparent Hands Rameeza Mueen Mentored at SDG Hackathon in Islamabad

Ignite – National Technology Fund and Code for Pakistan organized 1 36-hour national Hackathon on 19th August in Islamabad which was focused on the Sustainable Development Goals defined by United Nations. The main agenda of the event was to initiate the idea of creating a knowledge economy in Pakistan. CEO Transparent Hands Rameeza Mueen was a proud speaker and mentor at this prestigious event. She talked and mentored about how technology can help people in transforming Pakistan for the better.

Acknowledging Successful Medical Camp at Kasur

Acknowledging Successful Medical Camp at Kasur

Transparent Hands hosted a free medical camp in a slum in Kasur on July 13th of 2017, where there were an assortment of patients coming for help. Members of Transparent Hands were able to market and create the fully operational, and successful medical camp, and we are acknowledging successful medical camp at Kasur; the camp itself was able to help a total of 111 patients, including 7 patients that our team of doctors diagnosed to undergo various types of surgery to relieve them from painful conditions. Our team put in all their efforts to make sure the camp was able to aid as many patients as possible; by distributing antibiotics, performing glucose tests, and d...

Plan9 Launchpad10

CEO Transparent Hands Rameeza Mueen: Jury Member of Plan9 Launchpad10

Plan9 Launchpad10 is a competition where the candidates/participants pitch new/latest/unique tech ideas in-front of Plan9’s jury, and they decide which group has the best startup idea in a variety of latest technology business/service fields. CEO of Transparent Hands, Rameeza Mueen, was chosen to be one of the jury members for this competition, as she started up her company, Transparent Hands, by herself, and made it a successful organization in just 3 years.  She was able to talk to and collaborate with her fellow judges to see which of the 120 startup tech ideas would really be able to push forward and become a successful future tech business.  With the he...

Free Medical and Surgical Camp in Kasur

Free Medical and Surgical Camp in Kasur by Packages Foundation and Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands, in collaboration with the Packages Foundation, organized a free medical and surgical camp in Kasur on July 13th, 2017 . The camp was arranged to provide aid to the people living in slums in Kasur and its surrounding areas. The main objective of the camp was to provide free checkups and medicines to deserving patients who would otherwise be unable to undergo medical treatment because of limited finance. Free Medical and Surgical Camp in Kasur

Transparent Hands Organized Medical & Surgical Camp in Slum with Packages Foundation

Transparent Hands organized a FREE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL CAMP on 25th May 2017 with the collaboration of Packages Foundation. The Camp was arranged to facilitate the deserving people living in slums near Punjab Society and surrounding areas. Main aim of the camp was to provide free checkup and medicines to the deserving patients who were unable to undergo medical treatment because of limited finance.