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Annual Meeting of Transparent Hands

Annual Meeting with Directors, Doctors and Corporate Partners of Transparent Hands

The annual meeting of Transparent Hands was held on 18th June 2019, hosted by CEO Ms. Rameeza Mueen and presided by Mr. Michel Heitstuman, Director Transparent Hands Foundation USA Inc. The meeting was attended by the doctors from various on-panel hospitals of Transparent Hands including Dr. Shehla Javed (CEO Akram Medical Complex), Dr. Imran (CEO Noor Medicare Hospital) and Dr. Fawad (Medical advisor Transparent Hands and Consultant General Surgeon at Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Lahore). Mr. Mehdi Mohsin – CEO - Mitchell's Fruit Farms Limited, Ms. Robina Shaheen Wattoo – CEO Ameer Begum Welfare Trust and Mr. Uzair from Packages Limited were also present at the m...

Annual Strategic Meeting with Qasim Mueen

Annual Strategic Meeting with Qasim Mueen, CSO & Co-Founder Transparent Hands

The annual strategic meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Qasim Mueen, CSO and Co-Founder of Transparent Hands with the team. In the meeting, many key points were discussed regarding the expansion and further growth of Transparent Hands including risk identification, KPI’s, long term vision, market trends and overall review of organization’s success.

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