The Top Private Hospitals in Islamabad

The Top Private Hospitals in Islamabad

List of Top 5 Private Hospitals in Islamabad(1)

Being the third-largest city of Pakistan, Islamabad offers some of the best health facilities in Pakistan. The services offered here include the most advanced and well-equipped hospital and medical treatment centers. These clinics and hospitals have the ability to accommodate thousands of patients from all around Pakistan and that of foreign patients.

Undoubtedly one of the most planner cities, has a number of top private hospitals in Islamabad professionally planned and improving the health facilities. Lets explore the private hospitals of the Islamabad. 

Below is the list of some of the best hospitals in Islamabad:

1 – Ali Medical Center

2 – Kulsum International Hospital


4 – Maroof International Hospital

5 – International Medical Center

1 – Ali Medical Center

Located in E-8 Islamabad, the hospital owns a good reputation for providing better health care facilities in accordance with international standards. It is a well-equipped hospital with highly professional and brilliant staff. The offered services include OPD services, IPD services, Dental services, Laser clinic, Radiology services, Skin specialists, Emergency services, and round-the-clock laboratory and pharmacy.

Ali Medical Center is a State of the Art 72 bedded multi-specialty hospital. It is strategically located at a prime location in sector F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. The hospital Comprises of modern operation theaters, an Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Labor and Delivery Rooms.

A highly qualified and experienced team of Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Staff, and other Professionals run various departments of the hospital and ensure the provision of quality medical services to the Patients. The hospital is equipped with technologically advanced and sophisticated equipment to provide world-class health care.

The visionary who made this hospital ensured that people from all walks of life can get the best possible health care services. Therefore a range of indoor rooms like Executive Plus, Executive, Private, and Semi-Private in addition to General Wards has been provided. The hospital is providing round the clock services in Accident & Emergency, Dialysis and diagnostic facilities like Radiology and Clinical Laboratory. Patients have the facility to consult highly qualified specialist doctors in the outpatient clinics during the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions.

The management of the hospital is headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who along with a team of dedicated professionals works round the clock to ensure the best possible quality health care services to the patients seeking treatment in this health care facility, which is no doubt a gift of Almighty Allah to the people of this region. The total focus of the hospital management and clinical team is to ensure the provision of patient-friendly health services.

Every department has standard operating procedures to ensure that quality services are provided every time and all the time. Quality assurance surveys are conducted on daily basis and any non-conformities are pursued to such an extent that such things do not happen the next time.

One of the most advanced Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) by the name of Medix has been deployed to manage the patient data and Information. Provision of quality health care services with the highest level of expertise from medical experts backed by well-trained support staff, robust infrastructure, and efficient system and processes are the hallmark of Ali Medical Center (AMC).

The staff of AMC is geared to provide an efficient service aiding in the speedy recovery and well-being of patients and customers. The hospital is serving the ailing Humanity through the provision of medical services in a wide range of specialties.

2 – Kulsum International Hospital

Kulsum International Hospital is in the second position in our List of Top 5 Private Hospitals in Islamabad. One of the most affordable private hospitals in Islamabad with 67 beds. Located at Jinnah Avenue the hospital provides excellent cardiac and general health care facilities. It’s own an efficient set of professionals for the patients. Offered services include; Physiotherapy, Cardiac rehab, Diet and nutrition, Emergency services, and General surgery.


  • To become the premier healthcare service provider in the region.
  • To relieve suffering and restore health through the provision of cost-effective and efficient patient care.

Given the insufficiency of health care facilities in Pakistan, Saif Group of Companies had the vision to have a specialized health care facility in Islamabad to provide quality services at an affordable cost. The Group management has transformed this vision into a 67-bed health care facility in Islamabad with the name of  Kulsum International Hospital (KIH).

Kulsum International Hospital provides general and cardiac care with round the clock emergency services. They aim to be a regional leader of healthcare providers with an emphasis on quality and patient safety.

Kulsum International Hospital is located in the center of Islamabad with accessibility from all areas. Their design helps in reducing the patient transit, their practices encourage family involvement in the recovery process and their environment provides comfort to patients and attendants.

Their intensive care units are providing excellent services to critical patients. Kulsum Diagnostics is accredited and provides diagnostic services to inpatients and outpatients.

Kulsum International Hospital is ISO 9001:2008 certified for its quality management system. It demonstrates their commitment to providing the highest quality services to their customers.

KIH management is committed to a high standard of customer satisfaction by ensuring best practices consistently meeting customer’s requirements including quality, safety, cost, and service delivery.


MEDICSI is in the third position in our List of Top 5 Private Hospitals in Islamabad. It is another extraordinary hospital located at the Jinnah avenue Islamabad that offer health care with hygienic doctors that are all well qualified and trained professional in their specific fields. The services offered here truly own the price. Most appreciated treatments include; laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Cervical Screening, Infertility, Obstetrician / Gynecologist Consultation, Cancer Screening, and Operative Hysteroscopy.

Medicsi brings to you premium medical care in major specialties: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics, and related sub-specialties.

Clean and Modern Clinic

Their OB/GYN department provides the latest technology in test-tube babies, cervical screening, antenatal screening, and menopausal advice and their consultants have extensive local and international experience.

Medici has taken up the task of handling pain with comfort. Out-patient facilities will be available in the evenings by appointment only. In-patient facilities have been framed with you in mind. All facilities are patient-oriented in a posh and comfortable environment. Their on-site staff includes nurses, midwives, residents, and senior registrars. Note: Emergencies of non booked patients will not be catered to.


  • Obstetrics

Pre-pregnancy advice. Antenatal Care Childbirth Post-natal care. Planning future pregnancies.

  • Gynaecology

Puberty counseling. Contraception. Menstrual problems. Weight-related problems. Urinary problems. Uterine prolapse. Premenstrual problems. Menopausal complications. Cervical screening. Breast diseases.

  • Laboratory

Blood Group. CBC. ESR. Clotting profile. Blood sugar. LFT. RFT. Lipid profile. Electrolytes. Blood gases. FSH. LH. Prolactin. Testosterone. TSH. T 3 T 4. HBsAg. HCV HIV.

4 – Maroof International Hospital

Maroof International Hospital is in the fourth position in our list of top 5 private hospitals in Islamabad. One of the best hospitals in Islamabad that aims to provide the best health care facilities to the residents of the city and nearby areas. Since its development in 2009, the hospital is working hard to provide peak level health care services. Most appreciated services include; Surgeries with the latest equipment and technology, round the clock Accident & Emergency Service, Executive, Premiere, Private, Semi-Private, and Shared Rooms, round the clock ambulance and Advance Laboratory Facility, Food & Nutrition Services, Patient Services, and coordination Department, round the clock Pharmacy, with Eatery, Lingerie, and Optics Facilities, etc.


MAROOF International Hospital is a hospital with a concept built on providing the best of health to every citizen. Started in 2009, it is an effort to take healthcare to the next level. The comfortable atmosphere that it offers causes a person to feel peace. Its vibes and decor rival the best anywhere and its infrastructure including diagnostics (laboratory & imaging) is second to none. Based on seven operation theaters that are equipped with the latest technology, its surgical field is able to cater to most types of surgical treatments. It also offers the latest in hemodialysis on an outpatient basis. Its ER/Emergency gives an impression of a friendly and welcoming place for patients and relatives. The staff in all out-patient and in-patient departments is friendly, competent, and caring.

The hospital has a special Patient Coordination Department that coordinates with doctors, nurses, and interpreters who serve the patients. It ensures the comfortable and smooth provision of services to each and every patient entering its doors.

Located in the F-10 sector of Islamabad, it is only a few breaths away from the magnificent Margallas and facing the serene park of the F-9 sector in Islamabad. The building radiates its uniqueness in design; its colors and ambiance spell the word ‘Healing’ so apt for a hospital. In-house comfort and relaxation are beyond star rating. A team of most competent consultants along with their crew is always ready to relieve your pain in no time. Much above the equipment, technology, design, and structure of their facility, their main strength is their staff. They endeavor to handpick “Simply the best”.

5 – International Medical Center

International Medical Center is in the fifth position in our list of top 5 private hospitals in Islamabad. The IMC is a multi-disciplinary hospital that features specialty centers providing a wide range of comprehensive treatment options for different health problems. These services are delivered by more than 150 US, Canadian and European certified physicians in more than thirty specialties including Orthopedics, Cardiology, Oncology, Women’s Health, and Children’s Health. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that enable it to rank among the best healthcare providers in the region.

The IMC was inaugurated in 2006 by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and the late Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz after more than twelve years of extensive planning.

Their main aim is to be the ultimately trusted healthcare institute in the region through creating a patient-centered environment and focusing on a holistic approach to medicine and caring for the patient’s body, mind, and soul.

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