Abdullah Mavia Underwent Redo Open-Heart Surgery

Abdullah Mavia Underwent Redo Open-Heart Surgery

Abdullah Mavia Post Op

Abdullah Mavia 's Story

Abdullah Mavia, a 9-year-old resident of Sialkot, experienced symptoms such as shortness of breath, cyanosis, and chest pain, leading to a diagnosis by a doctor of multiple heart conditions including TGA, VSD, and PS. He underwent a Rastelli operation five years ago, but in recent months he began experiencing the same symptoms again. A cardiologist diagnosed him with conduit stenosis and severe LVOTO, and a cardiac surgeon recommended a Redo Rastelli operation, conduit replacement, and LVOTO resection.

The surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Asim at Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore on 30-01-2023, and after a five-day hospital stay, Abdullah was discharged. Thanks to the support of you and PCHF, Abdullah’s surgery was made possible, and he has fully recovered. Donate Online to support more patients.


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