Amna Bibi Got Relief from Hemorrhoids

Amna Bibi Got Relief from Hemorrhoids


Amna Bibi's Story

Amna Bibi, a 29-year-old woman hailing from Karachi, has endured six long years of distress due to bleeding during bowel movements. Despite seeking medical assistance from local practitioners, the relief she received was only temporary, leaving her in a constant state of discomfort. Determined to find a lasting solution, she decided to attend a charitable medical camp organized by Murshid Hospital, where her condition was examined by a doctor. After a thorough evaluation, the doctor recommended a hemorrhoidectomy surgery as the necessary course of treatment.

However, as a student residing in a modest household with her mother, the financial burden of the surgery seemed insurmountable for Amna. The cost of the procedure was simply beyond her means, casting a shadow of uncertainty over her hopes for relief.

In response to Amna’s urgent need, Transparent Hands took swift action and initiated a fundraising campaign to cover the expenses associated with her surgery. Recognizing the gravity of her situation, We mobilized a collective effort to secure the necessary financial support. The campaign was launched to alleviate Amna’s financial burden and provide her with the opportunity to undergo the life-changing surgery she so desperately required.

Thanks to the unwavering support of compassionate individuals, Amna was admitted to Murshid Hospital in Karachi. On January 22, 2024, the skilled surgeon Dr. Nida Saeed successfully performed the hemorrhoidectomy surgery, targeting the underlying issue causing Amna’s bleeding during bowel movements. The procedure aimed to provide long-lasting relief and improve her overall well-being.

The healthcare professionals ensured her comfort, closely monitored her progress, and prioritized her well-being during the crucial recovery period. After receiving one day of post-operative care, Amna was discharged from the hospital, showing satisfactory signs of improvement.

The success of Amna’s surgery and her subsequent journey to recovery would not have been possible without the unwavering support and generosity of Transparent Hands and its donors. Amna was allowed to overcome her financial barriers and receive the vital surgery, ultimately granting her the chance for a healthier and brighter future.

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