Asad Ali’s Heartbeat Restored

Asad Ali’s Heartbeat Restored

Asad Ali

Asad Ali's Story

In the humble town of Layyah, a courageous one-year-old boy named Asad Ali has been engaged in a valiant battle for his life since the day he was born. Alarmed by his distressing symptoms, including shortness of breath, cyanosis, fever, and chest pain, his parents swiftly rushed him to a nearby hospital. Following a series of diagnostic tests and evaluations, the doctor delivered a devastating diagnosis: Asad was afflicted with Mixed Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC).

The weight of this news was unbearable for Asad’s father, who found himself standing at a crossroads. On one hand, he desperately yearned to save his son’s life, but on the other hand, he was confronted with the harsh reality of their limited financial resources. It was in this moment of despair that Asad’s family reached out to Transparent Hands, an organization dedicated to extending a lifeline to those in need. With their assistance, they hoped to gather the necessary funds to cover the expenses of the life-saving Mixed TAPVC repair surgery.

Asad was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital in Lahore, where a team of highly skilled medical professionals awaited his arrival. On the 21st of November 2023, under the expert hands of Dr. Salman Ahmed Shah, Asad underwent a successful operation for median sternotomy and TAPVC repair. The surgery was a critical turning point in Asad’s journey, offering hope for a brighter and healthier future.

During his stay at the hospital, Asad received round-the-clock care and support, with the medical team diligently monitoring his progress. After five days, he was deemed well enough to be discharged, marking a significant milestone in his recovery.

The success of Asad’s life-saving surgery and his ongoing recovery would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and support of Transparent Hands, the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation, and the selfless donors who contributed to his cause.


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