With your support, Salma has started going to college again

With your support, Salma has started going to college again

Salma Zafar's Story

16 year old Salma had to miss her F.Sc classes because of the unbearable pain in her inflamed appendix. She was brought to Zainab Memorial Hospital on the 23rd of August by her mother and brother, all the way from Nankana. Dr. Ejaz, a well acknowledged surgeon from Zainab Memorial Hospital offered to treat Salma. The surgery took place on the same day and Salma’s inflamed appendix was removed. Her mother and brother were relieved to hear that Salma’s surgery was successful and she would be discharged after two days. During her interview with Transparent Hands, Salma said “My second Intermediate year has started and I feel left behind while all my friends have started their classes. The doctor promised me that I will be able to join them very soon. I am very grateful to the hospital and your team for this. Thank you”. We hope Salma will catch up with the rest of her class in her studies very soon.

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