Fahmeeda’s kidney infection has now completely gone

Fahmeeda’s kidney infection has now completely gone


Fahmeeda Bibi's Story

Fehmeeda, the woman with the Kidney infection registered with Transparent Hands a week ago. Dr. Mazhar Latif, a renowned urologist at Zainab Memorial Hospital did the detailed check up & diagnosed an abscess in her right kidney. He suggested immediate surgery to the patient. Fahmeeda’s surgery took place on 13th August 2014, thanks to the contribution of both Transparent Hands and Zainab Memorial Hospital, especially Dr. Mazhar who completely supported the patient, reduced his surgery fee & provided free tests and consultancy. “The pain was so deep that it was hard to carry out the daily chores, but thanks to Allah and you people, I will be able to look after my children again” were Fahmeeda’s words when she was visited the day after her surgery.


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