Khadija Had a Successful Foot Surgery

Khadija Had a Successful Foot Surgery

Khadija Fatima's Story

Khadija Fatima, a one-year-old from Okara, Pakistan, had faced a challenging health condition since birth, severely impacting her mobility and quality of life. Born with a deformity in her right foot, Khadija had been unable to bear weight on that foot, leading to disturbances. The diagnosis revealed that she was suffering from Right Foot Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV), a condition that required corrective surgery for her foot.

Unfortunately, Khadija’s family faced significant financial constraints that made it impossible for them to afford the necessary surgical expenses. In their time of dire need, Khadija’s family humbly appealed to compassionate donors for support and registered her case with Transparent Hands. With the help of generous donations, Khadija was admitted to PSRD Orthopaedic Hospital in Lahore, where her journey to recovery began.

On February 15, 2024, under the skilled hands of Dr. Muhammad Omer, Khadija underwent a successful right foot CTEV release procedure. The surgical intervention aimed to correct her foot deformity and restore her mobility, allowing her to experience a childhood filled with joy and freedom like any other child.

The immense generosity of the donors who supported Khadija played a pivotal role in her recovery. Their compassionate contributions not only provided the necessary financial assistance but also brought hope and relief to Khadija’s family.

After three days of comprehensive care and support from the dedicated medical team at the hospital, Khadija was discharged, ready to embrace a future filled with newfound possibilities. The successful surgery not only corrected her foot deformity but also opened doors to a life free from physical limitations and barriers.

As Khadija continues her path toward a brighter future, her family remains forever grateful to all the donors who made her recovery possible. Their support has not only changed Khadija’s life but has also allowed her to experience the joys and adventures of childhood, unencumbered by physical limitations.


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