Laal Fareed’s Embraces Ability to Hear

Laal Fareed’s Embraces Ability to Hear

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Muhammad Laal Fareed's Story

Laal Fareed, 4 years old from Lahore transitions from a world of silence to a symphony of sound. Born with congenital hearing loss, Laal Fareed’s narrative evolves from silence to the anticipation of hearing, propelled by the unwavering support of compassionate donors through Transparent Hands and the expertise of medical professionals.

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Laal Fareed’s world was wrapped in silence since his earliest days, his young life intertwined with congenital hearing loss. Seeking a solution, his family explored the possibility of cochlear implant surgery. EverCare Hospital, in collaboration with Transparent Hands, facilitated this life-altering surgery on 29 Oct 2023, skillfully conducted by Dr. Imran Saeed. The installation of the internal implant marked a significant milestone in Laal Fareed’s path toward hearing restoration. Subsequently, after six weeks, the installation of the external implant propelled him further into his journey towards embracing sound.

Laal Fareed’s courageous pursuit of sound serves as a testament to the resilience and collaborative efforts of compassionate donors through Transparent Hands and medical innovation. The successful installations of both internal and external implants, made possible by the generosity of supporters and Dr. Imran Saeed’s expertise, signify a pivotal moment for Laal Fareed. With the ongoing speech therapy sessions, Laal Fareed is on the verge of embracing the world of sound fully, breaking free from the silence, and entering a world enriched with communication, learning, and boundless opportunities.


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