Laiba Bibi Had a Successful Septoplasty

Laiba Bibi Had a Successful Septoplasty

Laiba Bibi's Story

Laiba Bibi, an 18-year-old girl from Karachi, has been dealing with the troubling symptoms of blocked nasal passages on both sides of her nose for the past four years. Alongside this issue, she has also been experiencing persistent headaches for the past two years. Despite receiving some treatment to alleviate the symptoms in the beginning, her condition has gradually worsened over time. In search of medical help, Laiba decided to attend a free medical camp at a local hospital, where a doctor carefully examined her and diagnosed her with a deviated nasal septum (DNS). The doctor recommended a procedure called septoplasty to correct the issue.

However, the cost of the surgical procedure was beyond the means of Laiba’s father, adding to their distressing situation. Thankfully, Transparent Hands became aware of Laiba’s case and stepped in to help.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Laiba was admitted to Murshid Hospital, where Dr. Mubashir performed the septoplasty on April 17, 2024. The surgery was successful, and Laiba was able to return home after just one day of hospitalization.

The procedure brought new hope and relief to Laiba and her family. With her nasal passages restored to their correct shape, Laiba could finally breathe more easily and comfortably. The persistent headaches that had plagued her for years began to subside, allowing her to enjoy a better quality of life.

The compassionate support provided by Transparent Hands and the skillful intervention of Dr. Mubashir brought about a significant positive change in Laiba’s life. The generosity of the donors who made this possible is truly commendable, as they have made a lasting impact on Laiba’s well-being and prospects.

Through the collective efforts of caring donors, Laiba can overcome health challenges and regain their quality of life. With her health rejuvenated, Laiba could now embrace a future filled with renewed hope and vitality.

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