Murad Ali’s Path to Hearing

Murad Ali’s Path to Hearing

Murad Ali

Murad Ali 's Story

Murad Ali, a five-year-old from Rawalpindi, whose journey towards sound began at birth when he encountered congenital hearing challenges. Admitted to Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, on 28th October 2023, his story reflects the pursuit of a solution to restore his ability to hear.

Murad’s surgery, conducted on the same day of admission under the expertise of Dr. Jawwad Ahmed, implanted the internal component, marking a pivotal moment in his quest for hearing restoration. His discharge on 29th October 2023 marked the beginning of his transformative journey.

Post-surgery, Murad awaited the installation of the external implant, scheduled after six weeks. This crucial step paved the way for ongoing speech therapy, an integral part of his healing process to perceive and process sounds effectively.

Murad’s journey exemplifies resilience and hope. His family’s commitment, coupled with the expertise of Dr. Jawwad Ahmed at Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, plays a significant role in Murad’s path to hearing.

While his journey continues, the installation of the internal implant stands as a beacon of progress, with forthcoming external implantation and speech therapy promising a world of sound and communication for Murad Ali.

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This narrative highlights Murad Ali’s quest for hearing restoration, emphasizing the pivotal role of surgical intervention at Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, and concluding with heartfelt gratitude to the compassionate donors whose support has been pivotal in Murad’s journey.


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