Nazia Gulam’s Excisional Biopsy was Successful

Nazia Gulam’s Excisional Biopsy was Successful

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Nazia Gulam's Story

Nazia, an 11-year-old girl residing in Okara, had been experiencing abnormal lumps on both sides of her neck for the past seven months. Concerned for their daughter’s health, her parents promptly took her to the local hospital, where the doctors conducted several diagnostic tests and thoroughly evaluated her condition. After careful examination, the doctor diagnosed Nazia with bilateral cervical lymphadenitis, a condition characterized by swollen lymph nodes in the neck. In an attempt to treat her condition, the doctor initially prescribed anti-tuberculosis medicines. However, despite following the prescribed treatment, the swelling persisted, and the lymph nodes continued to grow in size. Recognizing the situation’s urgency, the doctor recommended a lymph node excisional biopsy for Nazia. This procedure involves surgically removing a sample of the affected lymph nodes for further examination.

Unfortunately, Nazia’s father, whose income was modest, was unable to cover the expenses of the surgical procedure. In a desperate search for assistance, he turned to Transparent Hands. We took on the responsibility of treating her illness. She was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where Dr. Ahmed skillfully performed the lymph node excisional biopsy on 23-02-2023. The operation was a success, and Nazia was discharged from the hospital after a day.

Transparent Hands is Providing Free Biopsy In Pakistan

The significance of the biopsy lies in its ability to provide crucial information about the nature of lymphadenitis. The biopsy report brought relief and joy to her family. It revealed no granulomas and provided no evidence of malignancy, indicating Nazia was free from tuberculosis and cancer. This news brought immense relief and hope to her family, knowing her condition was not life-threatening.

The impact of this good news on Nazia’s future life is immeasurable. She can now look forward to a pain-free existence, knowing that her health concerns have been addressed and that she does not need to undergo any further invasive treatments. Nazia and her family are eternally grateful to Transparent Hands and all the generous donors who made this procedure and subsequent recovery possible.

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