Sahab’s arthritic shoulder was replaced

Sahab’s arthritic shoulder was replaced

Sahab Bibi

Sahab Bibi's Story

Around two years ago, Sahab Bibi now aged 66 years, was walking home from the market. On her way, she tripped and fell on her left shoulder. The shoulder turned sore and painful. She also could not move her arm after that incident as it froze completely. After multiple visits to the doctor over a span of time, her workup revealed that she had osteoarthritis in her left shoulder. The treating physician recommended a total shoulder arthroplasty for her. For this purpose, she was admitted to Akram Medical Complex and her surgery was performed by Dr. Naveed Ali Shair on 3rd June, 2021. Sahab’s frozen arthritic shoulder was replaced for which she stayed in the hospital for three days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. She feels that her shoulder’s condition has improved a great deal since the surgery and its movement is restored.



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