Shabnam had a successful ASD Closure Surgery

Shabnam had a successful ASD Closure Surgery


Shabnam Yaseen's Story

In the small town of Layyah, 39-year-old Shabnam Yaseen has been battling the negative effects of a congenital heart defect throughout her life. From birth, she has endured symptoms such as shortness of breath, tiredness, and chest pain. These challenges not only hindered her daily activities but also prevented her from gaining weight and living a normal life. The difficulties she faced on a daily basis served as a constant reminder of the urgent need for medical intervention.

At the age of 15, Shabnam’s parents became aware of her condition and sought medical help at a local hospital. The cardiologist diagnosed her with an atrial septal defect (ASD), a congenital heart defect characterized by an abnormal opening between the upper chambers of the heart. However, due to the complexity and associated risks, she was deemed unfit for surgery at that time. For years, Shabnam lived with the limitations imposed by her condition, hoping for a glimmer of hope to improve her health.

Recently, Shabnam underwent a re-evaluation by a cardiac surgeon who recommended ASD closure surgery. Taking up the responsibility to raise funds for Shabnam’s surgery, Transparent Hands stepped in to support her. She was admitted to the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital in Lahore, where Dr. Salman successfully performed the ASD repair surgery on 28-11-2023. Following the operation, Shabnam stayed in the hospital for 13 days, receiving the necessary care and monitoring.

Shabnam is immensely grateful to Transparent Hands, all the donors, and the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation for their support and assistance throughout her medical journey. Through their generosity, Shabnam was able to receive the critical surgery she desperately needed to alleviate her symptoms and improve her quality of life. Shabnam can now look forward to a brighter future, free from the limitations imposed by her congenital heart defect, and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life.


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