Shaheena Bibi Delivered a Healthy Baby Boy

Shaheena Bibi Delivered a Healthy Baby Boy

shaheena bibi c-section baby boy

Shaheena Bibi's Story

Shaheena Bibi, a 27-year-old resident of Khanewal, found herself in need of urgent support for her cesarean section. Due to her previous history of one cesarean delivery, doctors determined that a cesarean was necessary for the birth of her third child to ensure the safety of both mother and baby boy. Shaheena’s delicate health condition required specialized medical care during the delivery process. Unfortunately, her family’s financial situation was far from stable, making it impossible for them to afford the expenses of this elective procedure. Their hopes for a safe delivery were hanging by a thread until Transparent Hands stepped in to help.

Shaheena’s case was taken up by Transparent Hands. Recognizing the urgency of her situation, we mobilized our resources to ensure a safe delivery for Shaheena and the well-being of her growing family. She was admitted to Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital, Multan, where Dr. Tehreem performed her cesarean surgery on January 22, 2024. The procedure was successful, and Shaheena joyfully welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. After two days of post-operative care, she was discharged from the hospital, cradling her precious bundle of joy in her arms.

Gratitude overflowed from Shaheena’s heart as she expressed her deepest thanks to Transparent Hands and all the generous donors who had made this life-changing moment possible. Their compassion and support had not only safeguarded the health and well-being of both mother and child but had also brought newfound hope and happiness into their lives. Shaheena and her family were overwhelmed with emotions as they realized that without the selfless contributions of these kind individuals, their dreams of a safe delivery would have remained out of reach. The generosity of the donors through Transparent Hands had not only ensured the safe delivery of Shaheena’s child but had also provided her family with a renewed sense of security and hope for the future.


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