Sobia’s contracture release surgery went well

Sobia’s contracture release surgery went well

Sobia Ali Khan

Sobia Ali Khan's Story

Sobia Ali Khan, 18 years old, suffered from severe burns on her neck due to leakage of gas pipe while she was working in the kitchen around one year ago. She was immediately shifted to a hospital where first aid was given to her. After that, her dressing was changed from time to time. Three surgeries were performed as well. Currently, Sobia has very limited range of movement at the neck along with disfigurement as she has a post-burn neck contracture. The doctor has advised a contracture release surgery along with supraclavicular flap rotation. For this purpose, Sobia was admitted in Lahore Care Hospital where the surgery was performed by Dr. Imran on 09.02.2021. She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Sobia can move her neck now without feeling any discomfort.


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