Sobia’s gynecological surgery went well.

Sobia’s gynecological surgery went well.

Sobia Sajjad

Sobia Sajjad's Story

Sobia Sajjad, aged 42 years, suffered from discomfort in lower abdomen and severely painful menses. She consulted multiple gynecologists to find out what was wrong with her. At last, her condition was diagnosed as grade IV endometriosis. In this condition, a tissue similar to the womb’s lining starts to grow in places where it is not supposed to, like fallopian tubes and ovaries. Sobia’s physician recommended a total abdominal hysterectomy for her. For this purpose, she was admitted to Imran Idrees Teaching Hospital and the surgery was performed by Dr. Huma Afridi on 02.06.2021. She stayed in the hospital for three days and was discharged in a stable condition. Sobia’s abdominal pain has ceased. She feels much more energetic post-surgery.

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