You Supported Asia Bashir’s C-Section

You Supported Asia Bashir’s C-Section


Asia Bashir M.Amir Saeed's Story

Asia Bashir, a 30-year-old resident of Multan, found herself facing one of the most challenging situations of her life. Pregnant with her fifth child and having already undergone four cesarean sections, Asia’s medical condition left her internally weak and vulnerable. Her doctor, fully aware of her delicate health status, strongly recommended a C-section procedure for the safe delivery of her baby.

Living with her husband and four children in a modest 3-Marla house in Multan, Asia’s life revolved around her family and home. As a dedicated housewife, she relied on her husband, who earned a meager monthly income of PKR 12,000 by running a small grocery store. The burden of managing household expenses fell solely on her husband’s shoulders, leaving them with limited resources.

The news of Asia’s required surgical procedure weighed heavily on their hearts. The cost of the operation seemed insurmountable, and her husband found himself unable to afford the expenses associated with the medical intervention.

However, fortune smiled upon Asia when she learned about Transparent Hands. Recognizing the gravity of Asia’s situation, she reached out to us, sharing her story and her desperate need for help.

With the support of generous donors, Asia’s plea did not go unheard. She was admitted to Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital, where her C-section procedure was performed by the skilled hands of Dr. Shazia on April 9, 2024.

The operation was a success, and Asia delivered a healthy baby girl, filling their home with joy and hope. After just one day, Asia held her beloved baby daughter in her arms as they made their way back home. Gratitude overflowed from Asia’s heart as she realized the immense impact of the kindness and compassion shown by the donors and Transparent Hands. Inspired by this profound act of kindness, Asia and her husband vowed to pay it forward by helping others in need when they could.

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