Your Donations Gave Umm-e-Hani the Ability to Hear

Your Donations Gave Umm-e-Hani the Ability to Hear


Umm-e-Hani Noor Badshah's Story

Since birth, Umm-e-Hani, a five-year-old from Timargira, had been experiencing sensorineural hearing loss. It wasn’t until she turned one that her parents became aware of her condition and took her to a local hospital. After consulting with doctors, Umm-e-Hani was diagnosed with deafness and advised to undergo Cochlear Implant Surgery.

Be a Part of Life Changing Cochlear Implant Surgeries

The surgery was performed by Dr. Jawwad Ahmed at Ali Medical Centre in Islamabad on 9-9-2022, where the internal component of the cochlear implant was successfully installed. She was discharged after a day and returned six weeks later to have the external component fixed, gaining the ability to hear.


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