Your donations has saved the life of this poor girl

Your donations has saved the life of this poor girl

Khair Un Nisa

Khair Un Nisa's Story

Khair Un Nisa 34 years old lady was a known case of stage III ovarian cancer complicated by a clot in her leg and lungs. She was diagnosed after thorough investigations relating to her cancer. She was operated in National Defense Hospital, Lahore on 07-12-2017 by an expert team of surgeons involving gynecologist, urologist, and general surgeon. Her surgery was difficult but it was successful in terms of removal of tumor (Debulking) and she had a good postoperative recovery. After surgery, she had a protracted course of illness leading to longer than expected stay in hospital. Luckily, every aspect of her treatment was taken care of successfully. The cancer specialist and cardiologist dedicatedly looked after her along with the team of surgeons till she was discharged from the hospital in good health.

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