The List of Best Ngos Working in Punjab, Pakistan 

The List of Best Ngos Working in Punjab, Pakistan 

list of NGOs in Punjab

Pakistan, a country riddled with many challenges stands strong in the face of adversity. The strength, cannot only be attributed to the Pakistani population but the hands involved in supporting them, nurturing them, and caring for them. In this blog, we will go down a brief list of NGOs in Punjab, Pakistan that have dedicated their manpower, resources, and expertise to making life better for people. From food scarcity to lack of lifesaving healthcare and education and even risk of violence, these organizations play an important role in the fabric of Pakistani lives. 

Below is the list of top charity organizations in Punjab, Pakistan, working for the betterment of the people of Punjab.

Transparent Hands

With a population of over 241 million people, Pakistan struggles to meet the healthcare requirements of its citizens. The population is also expected to witness a growth rate of 2.55%. In a sea of people, Transparent Hands shines as a beacon of light, working as a one of the best charity organization in Punjab. 

Launched in 2014 by siblings Rameeza Mueen and Kashif Mueen, Transparent Hands facilitates treatments for the most underserved individuals and communities in Pakistan. Since its inception, the non-profit organization has helped over 75,000 people get access to free medical care. Over time, the organization has built a strong network with 40+ hospitals across Pakistan, that help the organization provide cost-free medical care to the poor.

The treatments that Transparent Hands facilitates include medical and diagnostic tests, surgeries, hospital stays, and medication. From the time a patient is registered with the organization to the time they are discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health, Transparent Hands bears the cost of every expense. 

Furthermore, the organization offers complete transparency to its donors, who can either choose to finance an individual case, support a medical camp, or make a donation to the organization. Transparent Hands also publishes comprehensive reports of all medical camps, treatments, and surgeries that it funds, bringing in full disclosure to all stakeholders.

As of yet, it has funded over 2,500 free surgeries and medical treatments for people from underserved communities.

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Saylani Welfare Trust

Another NGO that is doing commendable work in Punjab is the Saylani Welfare Trust. Founded in 1999 by Maulana Bashir Farooqi, the organization has over 631 branches (Dastrarkhwans) all over Pakistan. Its impact is such, that reports show that more than 300,000 people benefit from the Trust’s initiative daily.  

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The Saylani is dedicated to serving humanity and is helping the underprivileged and handicapped population of Pakistan in over 63 avenues of life which include education, health, food, medical care, vocational training, clean water, IT training, humanitarian aid, and much more. 

The organization that started in a rented house is now known for its work for underserved and rural communities all over the world. 

Allah Walay Trust

Allah Walay Trust is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to meeting the nourishment needs of the Pakistani population. In essence, it is a food charity organization that provides nutritional meals to underprivileged communities. With the slogan “Khana Sab K Liye” which translates to “Food for everyone”, Allah Walay Trust caters to the general public and has now introduced meal plans for the working class such as porters at railway stations, hospital employees, lower staff, and even school children.

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While making the food accessible and affordable, AWT ensures to make it nutritious as well. Along with operating its food banks, AWT has recently launched an Anti-Stunting initiative that works with pregnant women.

Sundas Foundation

A foundation that was initially launched as a blood transfusion center in 1998, has made a significant impact in Punjab. Sundas Foundation has taken up the initiative of providing free and quality treatment to patients suffering from hemophilia, thalassemia and other blood disorders. While its forte is catering to the medical needs of individuals suffering from blood disorders, Sundas Foundation has also ventured into providing secondary care to those at risk of carrying these disorders. 

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Supportive care includes outreach, education psychosocial care, and genetic counseling to patients and their families. Having worked for over two decades, Sundas Foundation has provided over 406,482 screened and healthy blood products since its inception.

Shaukat Khanum Hospital

SKMCH&RC, located in Lahore, is a pioneering institution in the field of cancer care in Pakistan. It was founded by the cricket legend Imran Khan and offers state-of-the-art cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre filled the missing peace in Pakistani healthcare i.e. a dedicated, reliable, and transparent institute for cancer.

Since its inception, the institute has spread to various parts of the country and has a philanthropic spending of 78.08 billion PKR (to date), one of the largest amounts in Pakistan. 


If you wish to support the work of an organization in Punjab, consider some of the organizations mentioned in our list of NGOs in Punjab, Pakistan. Whether it involves reaching remote areas during challenging times, donating blood, or funding expensive medical procedures, these organizations have demonstrated that with compassion and empathy, support can be extended even in the most trying circumstances. Even if one is unable to offer monetary support, acts of service and kindness can also make a significant impact. 

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