The List of Top Charities in West Virginia

The List of Top Charities in West Virginia

charities in West Virginia

West Virginia, with its rolling hills, vibrant valleys, and resilient spirit, boasts a community equally rich in generosity and compassion. Countless charities across the state tirelessly work to mend broken hearts, uplift the downtrodden, and foster a brighter future for all Mountaineers. Navigating this landscape of altruism can seem daunting, so here’s a helping hand – a curated list of some of the top charities in West Virginia, categorized by their impactful endeavors:

Transparent Hands

At number one on our list of nonprofits in West Virginia is Transparent Hands. The organization advocates free healthcare for underserved communities. Transparent Hands has been involved in facilitating free healthcare procedures for the vulnerable since 2014, and over time has amassed a large donor base that supports the organization’s various endeavors. Apart from treating individual patients, Transparent Hands also improves healthcare access for people living in remote areas by setting up free medical camps.

The free camps provide essential medical care and register patients to be treated at one of Transparent Hands’ panel hospitals. 

Facing Hunger Foodbank

Based in Huntington, Facing Hunger Foodbank stands at the forefront of the battle against hunger in West Virginia. By collaborating with local pantries and agencies, they provide essential food items to individuals and families facing food insecurity. Their commitment to eradicating hunger makes them a vital force in the state’s non-profit landscape.

Habitat for Humanity of West Virginia

Habitat for Humanity operates across the state, aiming to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable housing. By partnering with families in need, they construct homes and create opportunities for a better future. Their impact extends beyond shelter, fostering community development and empowerment.

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West Virginia Health Right:

Recognizing the importance of accessible healthcare, West Virginia Health Right offers free medical and dental services to the uninsured and underinsured. With clinics in Charleston and Kanawha County, they address critical health needs, advocating for a healthier West Virginia through their compassionate care model.

Appalachian Voices

Dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable practices, Appalachian Voices operates in West Virginia, focusing on issues related to energy, forests, and water. This organization shines as a bright star among West Virginia non-profits as its advocacy efforts strive to protect the natural resources of the region, promoting a balanced and eco-friendly approach to development.

501(C)(3) Organizations List

West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness

Tackling the complex issue of homelessness, this coalition works to provide shelter, support, and advocacy. Through partnerships with local agencies, they strive to create sustainable solutions for homelessness, emphasizing the importance of housing as a fundamental right.

WV Autism Supportive Center

Committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with autism, this center provides support services, education, and advocacy. By promoting inclusivity and understanding, they contribute to building a more compassionate and supportive community for those with autism and their families.

Feeding America – Mountaineer Food Bank

As part of the Feeding America network, Mountaineer Food Bank distributes millions of pounds of food annually to those in need. Operating in Gassaway, they play a crucial role in addressing hunger and providing nutritional support to vulnerable populations.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Morgantown

This charity focuses on keeping families close during challenging times. By providing a “home away from home” for families with seriously ill children receiving treatment, they ensure that emotional and financial burdens are alleviated, allowing families to focus on healing.

Voices for Children Foundation:

Voices for Children Foundation advocates for the welfare of children in the state’s foster care system. Through legal representation, education, and awareness initiatives, they work towards ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive in a safe and supportive environment.


When selecting from one of the top charities in West Virginia, research its mission, programs, and financial transparency. Consider volunteering your time or skills, participating in fundraising events, or advocating for their cause. Remember, no act of kindness is too small to contribute to the collective good. These charities in West Virginia are truly helping people at different levels and serve as a testament to the collective goodwill of the state’s people.

Let us celebrate the spirit of giving that defines West Virginia. Let us be the catalysts for change, the ripples of hope in a vast sea of need. Together, we can empower, heal, protect, and build a brighter future for the Mountain State, one charitable act at a time.

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