Top 10 Charity Christmas Gifts

Top 10 Charity Christmas Gifts

Top 10 Charity Christmas Gifts

Giving back is always an awesome thing to do but when you are making a gift for a poor, ill, elder or a needy person, nothing can be more enchanting than this. Christmas holidays are always a season of giving to friends and family but imagine if you can give some amazing yet small gifts to the needy people and fulfill their needs that can end up putting a smile on their face?

Whether you give a donation to a non-profit organization or pick up trinket crafted by people in developing countries, there are a number of options that have a social impact. This Christmas is the time to put your budget into a better use and help any charity to do something really productive for the world. With various off beat charity ideas, contribute to the environment as well as social causes in different parts of the world. Here are the ways through which you can create an impact this Christmas:

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Top 10 Charity Christmas Gifts

1 – Plant a Tree:

It is a good time to plant a new tree in any town or in your surroundings. You can even start a campaign by taking help of social media in your locality and plant more and more trees to give a better environment to humans, animals and the Eco system on the whole.

2 – Investing to Help

With the idea of making big things small, slow things fast and heavy thing lighter, the Peer to Peer marketing is the best way to deliver your gifts to the right and the most needed people. It provides an opportunity to the needy people and the one who is willing to donate, to share their blessings and join hands to help others, live a better life. You can donate your amount online via online portals like Transparent Hands and make it a Christmas gifts for many out there.

3 – Give a Smile

You can gift a smile to someone This Christmas Eve by making an online donations for their health treatment. If you are willing to go with the idea, you can contact Transparent Hands and make your donation online. All that you will get in return in satisfaction by knowing that your donated amount has helped someone to get a new life and live it in a better and healthy way than ever before. So with such a gift, you will also get a return gift of a smile on many innocent faces.

4 – Giving Blood for Free

Donating blood is very common concept and is appreciated by medical sciences as well. Every healthy person with no serious disease can donate blood that can be used to healing the sick in case of any emergency. If you are the one who is willing to donate your blood, there are a number of patients who are eligible for such a precious gift especially Thalassemia patients. All you need to do is to visit any such organization or hospital where you can find such sick people who are looking forward to a blood donation for free.

5 – Sharing Your Vital Organ

There are some organs in our body that can be shared with others in need. For instance, your liver and bone marrow, if it matches any sick person in need of the share, you can make a donation by sharing some part of your bone marrow and liver. This small act will help you save the life of the person and take them back to a healthy life. However, it will have no impact on your health. If you are willing to make one such donation, you will need to register yourself with an organization that deals with these kinds of donations.

6 – Feeding a Hungry

Not everyone like you has enough food to eat, every night when they sleep. There are hundreds of people around us who are not able to meet their daily bread, for one reason or another. While you are about to celebrate the blessings of Christmas with your friends and family, do not forget to help these needy people by sharing food with them. You can distribute food to the homeless people in the street or you can send some food to the food banks nearby you and the needy will come and pick it on their own.

7 – Volunteer for a cause

Not everyone is as blessed as you are. This Christmas, take some time out and volunteer for any cause that matters to you. It can be related to children, animals, old age home and many others. You don’t really need to spend your money on anything. All you need to do is just give your little time to such organizations and create a lasting impact this Christmas.

8 – Help Refugees in your area

We all are aware that refugees go through the worst time and struggle when they migrate to other country. It’s hard for them to start all over again and due to that, they face many issues including language barrier, learning skills and cultural shock. This Christmas, spend some time with a refugee family, give gifts to them and make them feel appreciated in your country. A little effort from your side will create a huge impact in their lives.

9 – Provide care to the Patients

While everyone will be busy preparing for Christmas, there are millions of patients struggling with life threatening diseases around the world. They’ll spend their Christmas in hospitals fighting the battle of their lives. You can cheer them up this Christmas by providing them care which they need the most especially in children hospitals. Show them that they are not alone.

10 – Donate to Share Blessing

If you are looking for helping someone to become healthy and happy in their life, you can make a donation to organizations like Transparent Hands that are working to help poor people to pay their medical surgery bills and live a healthy life. The organization is a non-profit and is working on becoming a bridge between the poor and the donors to share happiness.

The time of celebrations are the times to help others and make their life better while buying more and more pleasure for your loved ones. If you are really looking to get double reward of your spending this Christmas, you must buy gifts that can be helpful for maximum people at the same time.

If you are willing to make a direct donation click here.

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