Top 10 Community Service Nonprofits in Punjab

Top 10 Community Service Nonprofits in Punjab

Nonprofits in Punjab


Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan, a fact that has been both beneficial and disadvantageous for the people of this province. While it is true that the lands of Punjab are enriched with physical and human resources, the mismanagement of these resources has led to a sad state of affairs. Punjab faces a crisis with many heads, prime ones of which are poverty, hunger, and illiteracy. If it was not for the nonprofit services in Punjab that are provided by a multitude of NGOs, the provincial administration would have found it extremely tough to carry all the burden on its shoulders. In this discussion, it is these nonprofits in Punjab that we are going to talk about.

1- Transparent Hands – Nonprofits in Punjab

We do not know for sure how many years it would take before Pakistan’s healthcare system will be able to provide healthcare facilities for each of its individuals. What we do know for sure is that if it was not for platforms like Transparent Hands, things would have been simply disastrous. Punjab especially faces a massive challenge in the healthcare sector. Transparent Hands is the largest technological platform for crowdfunding in the healthcare sector of Pakistan. It offers a complete range of free healthcare services including medical and surgical treatments, medical camps, and telehealth facilities to the underprivileged community of Pakistan. Transparency in its operations is one of the key features of this reputable NGO. Its head office is situated in Lahore.

 2- Thali

There is no bigger curse than hunger and poverty. You are stuck in your life if you cannot manage decent meals in a day. Thali is a society that realizes the gravity of this situation. To alleviate this problem, the society provides free and subsidized food to those who cannot afford it.

 3- Kashf Foundation

There is more than one way of doing community service, and enabling someone to earn is perhaps the best of the lot. Many foundations link micro-financing and gender equality together. Kashf Foundation is one such foundation, situated in Lahore.

4- Punjab Rural Support Program

Improving the quality of life in rural areas of the biggest province of the country is all that Punjab rural support program is about. Since 1997, this program has provided excellent nonprofit services in Punjab, which have empowered many and helped them earn their bread.


HEAL stands for Health Education and Literacy Trust, an institute situated in Lahore. You can pretty much guess from the name of the trust, the kind of nonprofit services it provides in Punjab, can’t you?

6- Kawish Welfare Trust

Education must be available for every kid, not just in Punjab, but all across Pakistan. Kawish believes in providing basic education to children, which will transform them into responsible citizens. This will eventually translate into a healthy and literate province and country.

7- Idara Aaghosh

This Lahore based institute is one of the biggest champions of children’s rights. Not many nonprofit services in Punjab are concerned with the violation of children’s rights, but at least Idara Aaghosh has got its priorities right. Excellent work is done by the Idara for the runway children as well as against child labor.

8- Arfa Karim Foundation

The wunderkind is gone but the good work continues. Arfa Karim Foundation provides support to individuals who are doing magnificent work in the fields of education, social innovation, and community development. There aren’t many better ways to serve the community than this one, we can tell you that much!

9- Aietemad

The dream of higher education remains a dream for many, because of financial problems. This initiative has tried to materialize the dreams of many such students since 2002.

10- CAP

Consumer rights are not public knowledge in many cities of Punjab. Consumer Association of Pakistan ensures that there is at least one firm voice for Pakistani consumers.


We wish we could go on, but the limitations of space and time force us to conclude this article here. Hopefully, your knowledge improved considerably after reading about nonprofits in Punjab that are provided by various NGOs and trusts. If you ever feel like donating to a charity, now you know which institutes are worthy of your donations.

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